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The Orpheus drone was launched into the waters of the Atlantic Ocean near Cape Cod in September.

NASA is testing a new submarine that will hunt for undiscovered sea life — and scientists eventually want it to look for aliens on Europa

The Orpheus drone submarine is designed to sit on the bottom of the ocean, but scientists at NASA hope a similar vehicle will one day go into space.
An aerial view of Punta Prima, Menorca.

Huge swarms of jellyfish are making it difficult to swim in the Mediterranean — and they’re there because tuna is disappearing from t...

Menorca is home to 628 species of seaweed, fish, and shellfish. However, unregulated fishing, tourism, and pollution are destroying its marine life.

No more plastic straws at Resorts World Sentosa – here are other places in Singapore that are going straw-less

Five themed attractions, including Universal Studios Singapore and S.E.A. Aquarium have stopped providing plastic straws since Oct 1 this year.
SodaStream's "Holy Turtle" contraption, which is used to clean plastic from ocean waters.

SodaStream built a 1000-foot-long contraption called the ‘Holy Turtle’ to collect plastic from the ocean

SodaStream has unveiled a 1000-foot-long contraption for cleaning plastic waste from ocean waters. CEO Daniel Birnbaum, along with 150 company executives, environmental specialists, and others, gathered last week in Roatán, Honduras, to pilot the contraption.

The massive plastic-cleaning device invented by a 24-year-old is headed out to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch — here’s what the launch lo...

Boyan Slat's Ocean Cleanup Foundation launched the first of its plastic-cleaning arrays from San Francisco to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch on Saturday. Scientists have questioned whether the system will work. Now that it's in the water, we'll find out.
In Blue Planet II, producers used submersiles to explore parts of the ocean that had never been visited by a person.

12 photos show how humans explored Earth’s oceans from the 1600s to now

Here are some of the vessels humans have used to explore the ocean, starting long ago and going up to the present day.