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In Blue Planet II, producers used submersiles to explore parts of the ocean that had never been visited by a person.

12 photos show how humans explored Earth’s oceans from the 1600s to now

Here are some of the vessels humans have used to explore the ocean, starting long ago and going up to the present day.
Big wave surfer Sebastian Steudtner of Germany drops in on a large wave at Praia do Norte in Nazare, Portugal, January 18, 2018.

A surfer just set a world record for the largest wave ever ridden — watch him surf the 80-foot-tall behemoth

Professional surfer Rodrigo Koxa has set a world record for riding an 80-foot wave in Nazare, Portugal. He was just awarded the XXL Biggest Wave Award by the World Surf League.
A wholesaler inspects beef carcasses that hang inside a refrigerated room at the Cibevial slaughterhouse in Corbas, France, May 4, 2016.

How eating meat creates a ‘dead zone’ the size of New Jersey in the Gulf of Mexico every year

Eating meat contributes to an ongoing ecological disaster in the Gulf Mexico, where sea life gets suffocated in a '"dead zone" the size of New Jersey.
Illegal fishing is a huge problem around the globe that threatens to wipe out food sources for millions and to cost economies billions. Here, police officers stand watch as ships are inspected in Thailand.

Fishing boats are turning off anti-collision technology in ways that put millions of people at risk and could cost billions

Fishing vessels disappear in suspicious areas with disturbing frequency. Illegal fishing is such a serious problem it's considered a national security threat.

Scientists caught the deepest-dwelling fish in the ocean on camera over 5 miles below the surface — take a look

A snailfish was filmed swimming more than 26,000 feet below the surface. It's the deepest-dwelling fish ever recorded.

‘Blue Planet II’ producers discovered life where we didn’t know it could exist — here’s what that was like

Until the show's producers sent a remote camera into the Mariana Trench, we didn't know fish could survive 8,000 meters — almost five miles — deep.

One of the best nature documentaries of all time returns tonight

The show documents a journey to try and discover where whale sharks give birth and shows how orcas use their powerful tails to kill herring with shockwaves.
The Great Barrier Reef is in rough shape after multiple bleaching events.

The world’s oceans are in even worse shape than we thought

A new study found that coral bleaching events, which can kill reefs, are happening too fast for reefs to recover. The ocean is also losing oxygen.
The hole in the sea ice as seen by NASA satellite imagery on September 25.

A mysterious hole nearly the size of South Carolina has opened in Antarctica’s ice

The polynya, as it's called, far from the sea ice coastline, where such holes more frequently appear. And despite being exposed to wintry winds, it persists.

Millions of glowing tropical sea creatures have started to appear in the Pacific Northwest

Pyrosomes can grow to be more than 60 feet long, though the ones flooding the seas off the coast of Canada and Alaska are mostly the size of a cucumber.