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‘Marvel Powers United’ is unlike any other VR game you’ve played before

Oculus's newest VR game, "Marvel Powers United" gives players the chance to live their wildest superhero daydreams with some the most immersive and impressive graphics virtual reality gaming has to offer.
Palmer Luckey

Oculus founder Palmer Luckey’s defense startup rounded up high-profile investors to build a high-tech border wall

Anduril, the name of Oculus founder Palmer Luckey's new company, has received funding from high-profile investors including Founders Fund and controversial software company Palantir.

Oculus Rift inventor Palmer Luckey, who left Facebook amid controversy a year ago, reveals what he learned from his time at the social network

Palmer Luckey, who built Oculus as a tool for gamers when he was a teenager and was ousted from the company after Facebook bought it, says the lesson he learned from working at Facebook was to be cautious of who you trust and who's in charge.

There’s one crucial, major innovation in Facebook’s new VR headset that will set a new precedent

The way that Facebook's Oculus Go VR headset handles sound is incredibly impressive, and will set a new standard in VR headset design.

Mark Zuckerberg’s $3 billion bet on VR is finally paying off

Facebook's new Oculus Go virtual reality headset is, by far, the best VR headset I've ever used.

Mark Zuckerberg revealed one of his ‘great regrets’ — and the timing doesn’t seem like an accident

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg regrets not getting a chance to "shape the way that mobile platforms developed" when Facebook was in its early stages.

Facebook’s biggest event of the year revealed an uncomfortable truth

Between Messenger, WhatsApp, Oculus, and the core app, Facebook controls so many ways we communicate with each other that it's scary. And in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, we know it.
An attendee at the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo tries the Oculus Rift

Oculus accidentally broke thousands of its virtual reality headsets — and then managed to fix them

A cofounder of Oculus promised that people would get store credit to make up for the problem.

The Lenovo Mirage Solo is a smartphone in VR headset form — what to know about Google’s first standalone virtual reality device

This VR headset by Google and Lenovo does not require external hardware to power render a virtual reality experience.