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How Victoria’s Secret head Les Wexner went from small-town Ohio shopkeeper to facing scrutiny for his ties to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Eps...

Les Wexner, Victoria's Secret's parent brand CEO, is currently under scrutiny for his ties to Jeffrey Epstein, who is facing sex-trafficking charges.
Skylar Williams, right, was kidnapped at gunpoint on Monday. Authorities have identified Ty'rell Pounds, left, as the suspect in her kidnapping.

An Ohio State University student was kidnapped at gunpoint after the father of her son reportedly wrote a troubling Facebook post

Authorities identified the suspect in Skylar Williams' kidnapping as Ty'rell Pounds, who is believed to be the father of Williams' son.
Generation Z is rewriting the playbook for higher education.

A professor in Ohio takes attendance on Twitter, posts homework on Slack, and holds office hours at 10 p.m. — and it shows how different Gen Z r...

Defined as those born after 1997, Generation Z is growing up in a world where smartphones, social media, and content-streaming are ubiquitous. And now that the oldest Gen Zers are attending college, they're rewriting the playbook for higher education.

Urban Meyer pushes back on report that he didn’t properly handle allegations of domestic violence against Ohio State assistant coach

Following a report that Urban Meyer may have known about domestic violence allegations against former assistant coach Zach Smith, Meyer put out a statement saying he has always followed school protocol for incidents involving members of the football team.
Courtney Smith spoke about the years of abuse she allegedly suffered at the hands of her ex-husband, Ohio State assistant football coach Zach Smith, in an interview with Stadium released on Wednesday.

‘He chose to help the abuser’: Axed Ohio State football coach’s ex-wife says she believes head coach Urban Meyer knew she was being ...

Courtney Smith, the ex-wife of axed Ohio State assistant coach Zach Smith, sat down for an interview with Stadium on Wednesday in which she detailed the years of abuse she suffered at the hands of her former husband. She also said she believes head coach Urban Meyer knew about the abuse.
Students participate in a school shooting drill.

What you should do in an active-shooter situation — remember ‘Run Hide Fight’

"Run Hide Fight" is a phrase law enforcement agencies recommend remembering for an active-shooter situation.

Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield reportedly lost his cool with some belligerent Ohio State fans and predicted his team’s big comeback

Some trash-talking Ohio State fans got into Baker Mayfield's head and he retaliated by telling them he was going to lead Oklahoma to a comeback win.

The 20 most dominant college football teams

On January 9, Clemson faces Alabama in the playoffs. These 20 college football programs regularly win big, have passionate fans, and produce top NFL talent.

ISIS recently called for the type of attack that just happened in Berlin

The terrorist group ISIS has in recent months called for knife and vehicle attacks.

Trump says Somali refugee who carried out attack at Ohio State ‘should not have been in our country’

After ISIS claimed credit for an attack at Ohio State University, Donald Trump tweeted that the attacker "should not have been in our country."