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The officer who fatally shot 12-year-old Tamir Rice has been hired by another police department

The police officer who fatally gunned down 12-year-old Tamir Rice in Cleveland four years ago has been hired by another police department in rural Ohio. Timothy Loehmann will work as a cop in the Village of Bellaire, which has a population of roughly 4,000.
Caterer Manny Morales officiated Kelsey and Andy Schneck's wedding on September 1.

A catering manager officiated an Ohio couple’s wedding after the officiant broke her ankle at the rehearsal dinner

Kelsey and Andy Schneck were left without an officiant 24 hours before their ceremony in Camden on September 1 when the officiant they had hired slipped and broke her ankle. As the couple panicked about what to do, a caterer bringing food for the rehearsal overheard their problem and saved the day.
Former President Barack Obama will campaign for Democratic candidates in California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Illinois.

Obama is about to jump back into campaign mode

Barack Obama is jumping into the midterms, with plans to campaign for Democratic candidates in California, Ohio, Illinois, and Pennsylvania.

Half the US presidents were born in 4 states. These are the 21 states that have produced the most presidents.

Here are the 21 states that have produced the most US presidents, with Virginia and Ohio leading the way with a third of elected presidents hailing from Old Dominion and The Buckeye State.
Ohio Democratic congressional candidate Danny O'Connor

Alarms bells are starting to ring for the GOP as Democrats have ‘the wind at their back’ heading into November

Tuesday night's Ohio special election and Washington State primaries indicate a tough road to November for Republicans. Republicans say they need to boost voter turnout in November — or else.
Democratic candidate Danny O'Connor

All eyes are on the Ohio special election, which could signal whether we see a ‘blue wave’ this fall

On Tuesday, Democrats hope to prove the strength of their much talked about "blue wave" by defeating a Republican in a deep red Ohio congressional district that President Donald Trump won by 11 points in 2016.
President Donald Trump hosted a "Make America Great Again" rally in a hot Olentangy Orange High School in Lewis Center, Ohio on Aug. 4, 2018.

Trump holds boisterous Saturday night rally in ‘110-degree’ hot high school in Ohio

President Donald Trump held a campaign-style rally in Ohio on Saturday night. He was there supporting his endorsement for a special election to fill a House seat on Tuesday. Trump revived many of his famous tropes from the 2016 campaign, and the crowd loved it.

An active shooter drill likely triggered a false alarm at an Ohio Air Force base

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio was locked down Thursday afternoon for roughly two hours due to reports of an active shooter on base. The base later revealed that there had been "no real world active shooter incident."
Stormy Daniels.

Prosecutors dropped all charges against Stormy Daniels after she was arrested at an Ohio strip club

Ohio authorities dropped three misdemeanor charges against porn star Stormy Daniels on Thursday for allegedly touching three undercover detectives during a Wednesday show at a Columbus strip club.
The coasts are faster paced than the middle of the country.

7 things that shocked Midwesterners who left ‘flyover country’ for other parts of the US

More than a dozen Midwesterners shared with Business Insider what shocked them when they left their homes in Kansas, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and elsewhere.