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Oil prices rise, adding to biggest quarterly gain in 10 years

US officials are keen to ensure see that Malaysia, Singapore and others are fully aware of illicit Iranian oil shipments and the tactics Iran uses to evade sanctions

Oil plunges as OPEC tries to balance supply concerns with Trump’s demands

A geopolitical price war rages in the background of OPEC's summit between moderate cuts to production while appeasing President's Trump and Putin.
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin smiles, with his face smeared with crude oil, during a visit to a Lukoil oil platform.

Oil is taking a hit after US inventories gain while Putin says prices are ‘absolutely fine’

Brent Crude dropped below $60, down 1.6%, after data showed US inventories grew, while Russia indicated it has limited interest in cutting supply.

JPMorgan: The risk of a ‘major miscalculation’ by Trump could drive oil to $90

Trump's overconfidence in economic and market resilience means he might make a miscalculation on Iran sanctions, driving oil prices higher, JPMorgan says. The bank called the US-China trade war "disturbing," and said a market rally may mean investors expect even more aggressive trade policy.

Oil stocks are getting whacked as Saudi Arabia reportedly offers buyers extra supplies

Oil prices and exploration stocks fell following a report that Saudi Arabia is expanding supply to the global marketplace. See which stocks are getting hit.

Asia tech shares spooked by phone warning, oil near highs

Asian shares have s...

Oil dives as the West hints at no further Syria strikes

Fears that intervention from the West after a chemical attack could disrupt supply pushed up oil prices last week.

There’s a coming storm set to ‘batter’ the UK economy — and it has nothing to do with Brexit

The recent $10 per barrel increase in Brent crude "will subtract 0.2% from nominal GDP, provided that net consumption remains at the 2016 level."

Oil prices jump as Russia and Saudi Arabia agree to extend oil-output cuts until March 2018

This is part their latest effort to rebalance the global crude market, oil ministers for the two countries said on Monday.