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Calista Ortiz, center, smiles as she hugs her sisters after being released from prison on Monday, as part of Oklahoma's day of mass commutations.

A woman who was part of Oklahoma’s mass release of 462 inmates says ‘there’s more drugs in prison than there is on the streets’...

Calista Ortiz, 26, had her drug possession conviction commuted on Monday and released in the largest single-day prison release in US history.
Patricia Spottedcrow was sentenced to 12 years in prison over selling $31 of marijuana. She was 25, a single mother, and a first-time offender.

An Oklahoma woman who got a 12-year prison sentence for $31 of pot was jailed again — for overdue court fees

Patricia Spottedcrow made headlines in 2011 when she was sentenced to 12 years in prison over $31 of pot. She was jailed again over court fees.
Johnson & Johnson's Irvine, California campus is pictured above on Monday.

The $572 million fine Johnson & Johnson has to pay for its role in the opioid epidemic is only 4% of its annual profit

An Oklahoma judge on Monday found drugmaker Johnson & Johnson liable for fueling an opioid epidemic in the state.
Jason Hackett and Alex Housden.

A black news anchor was compared to a gorilla on live TV by one of his colleagues, and he’s using it as a powerful lesson that ‘words matt...

Alex Housden, an anchor for KOCO in Oklahoma City, ended a segment about a gorilla at the zoo by comparing the animal to her coanchor, Jason Hackett.
Cody Barlow's Pride Month-themed truck is going viral.

An ‘average straight white guy’ from Oklahoma says he decorated his truck for Pride Month to prove ‘not all country boys are bigots&...

Cody Barlow told INSIDER he's received some negative comments, but he's glad the message is inspiring others.
The teens are being hailed as heroes.

4 teens ran into a burning home to save their 90-year-old neighbor’s life

Catherine Ritchie was getting ready for bed when her bed caught aflame. Luckily, four teens sprung into action and rescued her.
A damaged car sits parked on Woodlawn Avenue following a tornado touchdown overnight in Jefferson City, Missouri, U.S. May 23, 2019.

Tornadoes ripped through the Midwest leaving at least 11 dead and destroying motels, mobile homes, and houses

At least 11 people have died after a string of violent storms swept through buildings, hotels, and homes in Missouri and Oklahoma.
The severe weather will continue into next week.

Over 30 tornadoes touched down and slammed the central US, and more extreme weather is on the way

Powerful storms are slamming a large swath of the central US, affecting up to 40 million Americans. The extreme weather is expected to continue into early next week.
That's gotta hurt.

A man was bitten in the face by a snake, and the horrifying moment was captured on a doorbell cam

On Sunday, a man in Lawton, Oklahoma was bitten in the face by a snake when visiting his a friend. The footage of the bite is scary.
Former Nowata County Sheriff Terry Sue Barnett speaks to local media after resigning over conditions in a jail a judge had ordered her to house inmates in.

An Oklahoma sheriff and all her deputies resigned together — and now no one knows who’s in charge

An Oklahoma sheriff resigned along with all of her deputies, citing abysmal conditions in the jail that a judge had ordered her to house inmates in.