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Mark Lee Pierce and Jessica Woodworth

An Olive Garden waitress wrote a Facebook post about serving a baby covered in ‘black and blue’ bruises. The baby’s parents were lat...

Mark Lee Pierce, 33, and Jessica Woodwork, 36, from Pulaski, Illinois, were arrested on child abuse charges on Sunday.
The Tastes of the Mediterranean Menu tends to have healthier options.

What 6 dietitians order at Olive Garden

Even though Olive Garden is known for its endless breadsticks, there are healthier options too that dietitians recommend choosing.

We ate dozens of meals at chain restaurants in 2018. Here’s the absolute worst item we tried.

We ate a lot in 2018, but Olive Garden's meatball pizza bowl was by far the worst food we tried.
The California Cobb from California Pizza Kitchen.

10 of the best keto meal options at popular chain restaurants

Here, two registered dietitians take you through 10 of the best keto meal options at chain restaurants.
Olive Garden is offering two types of pasta pass this year.

Olive Garden is selling a pass that gives you a year of unlimited pasta for just $300

Olive Garden's never-ending pasta passes are going on sale on Thursday at 2 p.m. ET.  For the first time, Olive Garden is selling an annual pasta pass that provides unlimited pasta for an entire year for $300.
A picture of an Olive Garden restaurant.

Olive Garden denies sending a threatening letter to a Seinfeld parody account over a tweet that claimed it stopped selling AR-15 rifles

The parody account @Seinfeld2000 posted a cease-and-desist email demanding that it delete a tweet that claimed Olive Garden stopped selling AR-15 rifles.

We tried Olive Garden’s most confusing take on Italian food yet — here’s the verdict

Olive Garden is now selling a Meatball Pizza Bowl. But is it pizza, or a bowl? We tried it and were confused.

We tried Olive Garden’s new ‘Italian nachos’ — and they’re actually weirdly good

Olive Garden is now serving an "Italian nachos" dish. After trying them, we found they were much better than expected.

Olive Garden is now serving ‘Italian nachos’ — and people are freaking out

Olive Garden's loaded pasta chips don't sound all that Italian, but for a chain that doesn't even salt its pasta water, it seems par the course.

These are the 5 fast-food chains that teens love the most

The restaurant industry is increasingly competitive — and tapping into the next generation is crucial for chains' survival.