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A smartphone was just announced with more RAM than a standard laptop — here’s why RAM matters on a smartphone

Without RAM (random access memory), your phone could have the fastest chip in the world and still feel slow.

OnePlus supercharged its latest smartphone, and it’s still cheaper than the competition

The new $700 OnePlus smartphone has higher specs than a standard laptop.

Why you should keep your current smartphone for as long as you can

It's true that smartphones are better than ever, but they're also more expensive.
I switched from iPhone to Android, and I'm not looking back.

I switched to Android after more than a decade with the iPhone, and I’m not going back. Here’s why.

I've used iPhones since the first one came out in 2007. But after 10 years of increasingly expensive iPhones, I switched to the OnePlus 6T, an Android.

The $550 OnePlus 6T makes me wonder if Google’s $800 Pixel 3 phone is actually worth the extra money for a better camera

I'm starting to wonder if one of the Pixel's main propositions as the best smartphone camera is diminishing.

The $580 OnePlus 6T that’s as good as smartphones that cost twice as much is getting a new color option

OnePlus will come in "Thunder Purple," but it won't be available for the cheapest model.

T-mobile’s incredible $300 discount off the $580 OnePlus 6T ends at midnight

Anyone who's even thought about getting the OnePlus 6T should take advantage of this trade-in deal.

The $550 OnePlus 6T makes me feel like I’m cheating in a world where top smartphones cost $750 or more

I'm getting away with a $550 phone while everyone else buys phones that cost $750 or more.

The 20 best smartphones in the world

When it comes to smartphones, giant price tags don't always mean you're getting the best phone out there.