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Amazon is building a new warehouse that's intended specifically for more hazardous goods.

Amazon is opening a new dangerous-goods warehouse after dozens of fulfillment-center workers were injured by bear-spray fumes in December

Amazon is opening a special warehouse to separate dangerous goods from the rest of its operation.
Amazon is upping the ante with one-day Prime shipping.

Amazon’s shift to one-day Prime shipping could prove a big challenge to 2 breeds of retailers

Amazon's shift to one-day shipping could be a challenge to drug and convenience stores.

18 retail startups that are using psychology, sustainability, and the internet age to reinvent how they package their products

Product packaging should tell a story in a memorable way. Now, it's also counting factors like sustainability and accessibility into that story.

All Kohl’s stores will accept Amazon returns starting in July 2019 — here’s how it’ll work and what Kohl’s hopes to win ...

You can now go to your nearby Kohl's store to return items ordered on Amazon. Here's how the free returns program works.
Amazon is hiring full-time delivery drivers.

Amazon is hiring hundreds more people to start package delivery companies with annual profits up to $300,000

Amazon is planning to hire hundreds more people in the coming months to open and run courier businesses delivering packages for the tech giant.
Amazon Prime one-day shipping does not mean you will get your shipment in one day.

Amazon Prime’s new one-day shipping promise doesn’t mean you’ll always get your shipment in one day

Amazon said it is transitioning its Prime two-day shipping guarantee into a one-day shipping guarantee, but actual arrival times will vary.
Walmart has been beefing up its online-order pick-up options.

Walmart hinted it would add free one-day shipping to counter Amazon — and it reveals a hidden advantage

Amazon announced its next move in the shipping wars. But the battle is moving to an area where Walmart has a distinct advantage.
Amazon's famous two-day shipping guarantee is becoming a one-day shipping guarantee.

Amazon just made Prime even harder to cancel

Just as the rest of retail finally caught on to two-day shipping, Amazon is upping the ante to one-day.
There are a number of ways you can redeem an Amazon gift card.

How to redeem an Amazon gift card on Amazon’s website and mobile app

Figuring out how to redeem an Amazon gift card is the first step to your next shopping spree. Here's how to do it on Amazon's website and mobile app.