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Amazon blew Prime Day sales out of the water this year, and that could put a bigger target on its back

Amazon Prime Day was the biggest sales event in the firm's history. But the retailer's continued success could fuel antitrust concerns.

Uber just launched an Amazon-like feature that could help it cash in on millennials’ mobile-shopping addiction

Apple AIrPods, Glossier makeup, and more could all be for sale during your next ride. Here's how the new program works.
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos speaks during an address to attendees at Access Intelligence's SATELLITE 2017 conference in Washington, U.S., March 7, 2017.

There’s a super realistic action figure of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, and people are confused and creeped out by it

A highly detailed action figure of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was recently sent to journalists. It seems to be based on a photo Bezos posted last year.
Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky is the chair of the House Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Commerce.

Amazon is coming under fire for ‘deceptive’ ratings and reviews on its website, and lawmakers are now demanding answers

Lawmakers are concerned that fraudulent, positive reviews can mislead consumers by making a product look better and more popular than it actually is.

Etsy has unveiled a new plan to offer free shipping across its site

Etsy has unveiled a new plan to get its sellers to offer more items on its website with free shipping included.
There are some easy tricks for saving money on Amazon.

These 8 Amazon shopping tricks will help you get the best deals possible on Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day has nearly arrived — here are some basic tricks you can use to save even more during Amazon's massive annual sale.

All Kohl’s stores are now accepting Amazon returns — here’s how it’ll work and what Kohl’s hopes to win from this conven...

You can now go to your nearby Kohl's store to return items ordered on Amazon. Here's how the free returns program works.
Teens are falling in love with Amazon, just like millennials.

Teens love shopping on Amazon, even when they’re not buying anything

Teens love going on Amazon's website, even when they have no intent to purchase, according to a new survey by Business Insider.
Amazon may be moving into rentals. Above, shoppers peruse a selection of rentable dresses from Rent the Runway.

Amazon job listings suggest the company may be ready to tackle a big new industry

The rental market is increasing as more younger customers look to rent versus own items, and Amazon is being left out. For now.
Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty

A new study from Princeton reveals how shopping websites use ‘dark patterns’ to trick you into buying things you didn’t actually wan...

Researchers crawled more than 10,000 e-commerce sites and found more than 1,200 use "dark pattern" techniques to manipulate customers.