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Amazon has unveiled a delivery robot named "Amazon Scout."

Amazon has revealed a new autonomous-delivery robot named ‘Scout’

Amazon has begun testing delivery via a wheeled autonomous robot in Washington state.
Amazon is moving into Brazil.

Amazon is selling directly to customers in Brazil for the first time ever — but a tough retail climate might make the company ‘uncomfortab...

Amazon has finally started selling directly in Brazil, indicating it is looking seriously at the Brazilian market.

Amazon will soon lose the biggest reason to pay for Prime

Amazon's two-day shipping promise was once unique. But upstart companies are cropping up to help companies like Walmart and eBay match that promise.

A survey found that Amazon Prime membership is soaring to new heights — but one trend should worry the company

Amazon Prime membership is now over 100 million in the US, according to CIRP, but its growth may be peaking.
Amazon sends some customers free samples of things they might like.

Amazon has an under-the-radar program that sends customers samples of free stuff — here’s how it works

Amazon has a samples program that is reportedly expanding. Here's how to make sure you're signed up for it.
Key by Amazon allows customers to receive deliveries in their garage.

Amazon will soon let customers get packages delivered in their garage

The next phase of Key by Amazon will allow packages to be delivered inside customers' garages.

Amazon dominated retail in 2018 — and no one else even came close to touching it

Amazon is projected to close the year netting half of all online shopping done in the US with staggering sales growth online. Nobody else even came close.

20 years from now, retail stores will have ‘cold zones’ to put winter jackets to the test and facial scanners that recognize customers as ...

Retail stores will still exist in 2040, but you'll hardly be able to recognize them, according to a Euromonitor International report.
A colleague and me at our work holiday party, where I wore "The Sweater."

I finally took the plunge and bought something I’d seen in an Instagram ad. Here’s why I’ll probably never do it again

A well-targeted Instagram ad convinced me to buy a sweater. One day of wearing the sweater made me realize what's wrong with shopping on Instagram.