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Apple’s price hikes went way too far in 2018

Apple products have always been expensive. But in 2018, they took a step toward exorbitant.
Amazon is showing retailers the way forward.

Amazon isn’t necessarily killing brick-and-mortar retail — it could be saving it

As Amazon grows and enters into multiple retail sectors, more traditional brick-and-mortar sellers are suffering losses. While many think Amazon is killing the traditional retail industry, it's not. Rather, it's showing retailers the way forward.
Phil Schiller, Apple's head of worldwide marketing, shows off the company's updated iPhone lineup on Wednesday.

Apple made a big mistake by killing the iPhone SE, its smallest and most affordable iPhone

Apple quietly discontinued a few older iPhones to make room for the new iPhone XS and XR, including its last 4-inch iPhone.

Android phones everywhere are adopting the iPhone’s ‘notch’ design — and it’s causing them to miss a golden opportunity

In 2017, Apple unveiled a smartphone that looked completely unique. One year later, that design is everywhere.
Conor McGregor.

We tried Conor McGregor’s new whiskey — and it’s just as bad as you’d expect

Conor McGregor is excellent at fighting. He has impeccable distance management and possesses remarkable shot selection. But if I were ever offered a shot of his whiskey, Proper No. Twelve, I'd decline. It's bad.

Tesla generated a crazy amount of news in 2018, but most of it was noise — here’s the most important single takeaway from the entire year

Even by Tesla's standards of news generation, 2018 has been something to behold. Much of the news has been a distraction from Tesla's business.

Apple charges a ton of money for built-in storage — here’s how to get around it

Getting the new iPad Pro with 1 terabyte of storage costs $750, on top of the base price. Meanwhile, you can buy a 2 TB hard drive online for $80.

Tesla just had the worst year in its history, but now it’s starting to look like the best tech company in the world

Tesla is a hybrid of tech company and car company — and with various scandals roiling the tech sector, Tesla seems like a tech company that's at least trying to do good.
The Model X SUV.

It’s a complete myth that the rest of the auto industry is chasing Tesla

Tesla has no meaningful mobility business and might struggle to catch up in this area. Tesla has mastered electric cars, but the technology is nothing that the rest of the auto industry can't easily replicate.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Tesla supporters are making 5 crucial mistakes

Tesla is heading into 2019 in better shape than it ever has been in the past. But that doesn't mean it's time to let Tesla bullishness run free. Many of Tesla's ambitious supporters are making big mistakes about the company.