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Huntington, West Virginia fire chief Jan Rader.

A fire chief in West Virginia helped change her city’s approach to the opioid epidemic. Now overdoses in her county are down 40%.

In a recent TEDWomen talk, West Virginia fire chief Jan Rader detailed new initiatives in her city meant to cut down on opioid overdoses and deaths.
"While that was on the severe end of trashed, we regularly walk in to tons of wet toilet seat covers and toilet paper on the floor ... sometimes on the walls," Jamie told Business Insider.

Starbucks’ plan to add needle-disposal boxes to certain bathrooms is a brilliant business decision

Starbucks is ultimately making the right decision to protect workers and help customers.
An uncapped needle a Starbucks worker says she found in the trash in December 2018.

Drugs and syringes have become such a problem in Starbucks bathrooms that the company is installing needle-disposal boxes in certain locations

Starbucks is installing needle-disposal boxes in some bathrooms as it explores solutions to workers' concerns over improperly discarded syringes.

The opioid epidemic is worsening due to synthetic versions of the drugs. Here’s what that means.

A new report found the synthetic opioids like fentanyl are contributing to higher rates of drug overdose deaths across the US.
You may be able to spot signs of opioid addiction in a loved one.

6 signs someone may have an opioid addiction, and how to help

An addiction expert spoke to INSIDER about the possible signs that someone you love might be addicted to opioids.
Jamie Lee Curtis is currently starring in the "Halloween" sequel.

Jamie Lee Curtis’ secret 10-year opioid addiction began with a prescription after getting minor plastic surgery

"Halloween" actress Jamie Lee Curtis discussed a past opioid addiction in a new interview with People.

Most rehabs don’t offer a science-backed treatment for drug addiction. A new initiative aims to change that.

There's a science-backed treatment for drug addiction that works, researchers say, but it's nearly impossible to get. A new program focused on residential treatment centers looks at whether providers meet a commonly-used rubric for grading addiction treatment.

The first drug for opioid withdrawal has gotten the green light — and it targets risky symptoms that others ignore

Lofexidine, sold under the brand name Lucemyra, is the first drug of its kind to target the painful symptoms of opioid withdrawal, which can trigger a cycle of use, addiction, and overdose.
President Donald Trump

Trump will reportedly unveil a plan to combat the opioid crisis that includes the death penalty for drug dealers

President Donald Trump will roll out a plan to combat the opioid crisis that includes the death penalty for some drug dealers according to a new report.

Trump doubles down on executing drug dealers

President Donald Trump on Saturday repeated his call to give drug dealers the death penalty in an effort to solve the opioid crisis.