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Here’s how to use Airtable, the user-friendly spreadsheet app that’s taking Silicon Valley by storm

Airtable has become a sleeper hit in Silicon Valley, with WeWork and Tesla included among its customers.
Microsoft Executive VP Terry Myerson

Microsoft’s longtime Windows boss is leaving the company amid a huge executive reorganization

Microsoft's Terry Myerson will leave Microsoft amid a huge executive reorganization.
It's not about you.

The woman behind decluttering trend ‘Swedish death cleaning’ asks a simple question to decide what to throw away

In "The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning," Margareta Magnusson recommends considering how much meaning an object will have to others — not just to you.
The advice applies to anyone.

The newest decluttering craze is ‘Swedish death cleaning,’ which hinges on the fact that friends and family won’t want your junk whe...

"The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning" guides readers in organizing and winnowing down their possessions — in preparation for their demise.

A banker-turned-CEO credits his company’s success to two rules he established early on

The cofounders of MarketSnacks have run it as a side hustle for six years — but it's kept growing.

A simple chart can help you figure out how you should really be investing your time and energy at work

Executive coach Amy Jen Su recommends asking yourself two questions to prioritize your responsibilities at work.

A professional organizer gave me a simple productivity strategy that takes 10 minutes a day

Evernote's Josh Zerkel advised me to get rid of the piles of papers on my desk by scanning the pages and storing them digitally.

The first step to being more organized is simpler than you’d think

Josh Zerkel, an Evernote employee and a certified professional organizer, says you should start by finding a central spot for all your files.

A productivity expert says the ‘do it now’ rule will make you more organized immediately

Josh Zerkel, an Evernote employee and certified professional organizer, says if you have time to do a specific task right now, do it instead of putting it off.