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Oscar Health just raised $375 million from Alphabet

As part of that raise, Oscar CEO Mario Schlosser told Wired, the company plans to expand beyond the individual healthcare exchanges and small employer market and into the Medicare Advantage market, caring for people 65 and older.

The GOP healthcare fight is creating a lot of uncertainty around health startups that flourished under Obamacare

The Senate and House bills, if one should pass into law, could drastically change the healthcare environment that the companies got their start in.

The Obamacare-focused insurance company founded by Jared Kushner’s brother has made a new move to survive as the GOP healthcare bill looms

Oscar Health, the $2.7 billion health-insurance startup, is going to start offering health insurance plans alongside the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.

Health insurance startup Oscar has a new way to get all your medical details in one place for your doctor

Oscar Health is compiling a "Clinical Dashboard" to give doctors a more comprehensive picture of patients' health beyond their electronic health records.

These 15 startups didn’t exist 5 years ago — now they’re worth billions

Silicon Valley startups can turn into billion-dollar companies fast.

Take a look inside the doctor’s office of the future, created by a $2 billion startup that’s shaking up healthcare

With its new brick-and-mortar location, Oscar, a New York insurance startup, is trying to build the full-service healthcare system of the future.

It’s do or die for Obamacare

Tuesday marks the start of open enrollment for the 2017 plan year for the Affordable Care Act's public exchanges.

Even a company specifically designed for Obamacare is struggling to figure out Obamacare

Oscar, a healthcare startup, has said it is pulling out of two Obamacare markets.

An exec who worked at Google for more than a decade reveals what he’ll miss most now that he’s left to join a startup

Alan Warren worked at Google for nearly 12 years before joining health-insurance startup Oscar. Here's what he'll miss most about the search giant.

Why this longtime Googler jumped to Oscar, the billion-dollar startup shaking up healthcare

Oscar, a $1.75 billion startup that is trying to shake up the health-insurance industry, just poached longtime Googler Alan Warren as its CTO.