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Patagonia just won the United Nations’ top environmental honor for entrepreneurial vision — here’s why we’re not surprised

Patagonia won the UN's Champions of the Earth award for entrepreneurial vision. It has a long history of integrating sustainability with its business.
There was no table at the ready, so we used a surfboard.

This $85 camping cutlery set is the only one you’ll ever need — here’s what it comes with

Opinel has excelled in making field knives and tools for over a century, but this new camping cutlery kit is so practical that it might take the cake.
After miles of navigating mushy meadows and craggy ridges, these kicks may have been a little gritty looking, but my toes were still bone-dry and ready for more.

These $390 waterproof hunting boots stood up to mountain passes and mucky swamps — here’s why they are worth the price

When it comes to hunting boots, it's worth buying the best you can get, and you can't go wrong with this Filson x Danner collaboration.
The Lifeproof Lifeactív, casually charging my iPhone, through rain and snow.

This $100 portable charger can charge your laptop 2 times over and withstand the elements — here’s why we recommend it for outdoor adventu...

Waterproof and equipped with a flashlight, LifeProof's Lifeactív is a portable charger for everything from day-to-day commuting to overnight wilderness treks.
You don't need big, heavy gear to pull in big, heavy fish.

This $650 rod-and-reel combination is a testament that big fish don’t always require big, heavy gear — here’s why we recommend it

Big fish don't always require big, heavy gear. Lightweight but finely machined, this Shimano reel and G. Loomis fishingrod are a testament to that.
If this is what your weekend, or life, looks like, then there's no question as to whether this is the cooler for you.

In defense of the overbuilt cooler: Why Yeti, Rtic, Vibe, and the like, are worth it

Does everyone need a Yeti? Here's why (and why not) you should buy an "overbuilt" cooler.

The best stand-up paddle boards you can buy

Stand-up paddle boards help you enjoy a day out on the water. Here are the best stand-up paddle boards (SUPs) you can buy in a variety of categories.

The best bug sprays and repellents you can buy

If you plan to go outdoors, you need a good bug spray or bug repellent. DEET works on mosquitoes and ticks, but its smell is enough to put us off.
REI just revamped their wedding registry for outdoorsy, modern couples.

34 best-selling wedding gifts from REI’s registry —including bear-proof coolers and an annual National Parks Pass

Gift outdoorsy couples the practical gifts for home and memorable outdoors adventures all in one place.

This startup’s portable camping stoves can also charge devices — here’s how the company is using its technology to bring clean energ...

BioLite, a techy outdoors brand, is using its Kickstarter-famous gear to address the world's energy poverty.