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Doctors recommend Tylenol over aspiring or ibuprofen for typical pregnancy aches and pains.

Yes, Tylenol is safe for pregnancy. Here’s the right dosage

Doctors consider Tylenol to be the safest over-the-counter pain medicine you can take while pregnant.
The pain reliever Advil is one of the well-known brands that Pfizer is spinning off as part of a new collaboration with fellow drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline.

Two huge drugmakers are spinning off iconic brands like Advil, ChapStick and Emergen-C with nearly $13 billion in sales — and it’s part of...

The products involved in the deal are familiar pharmacy names, but they also have lower margins than other medicines.

Amazon is selling an exclusive line of over-the-counter medications

The private label-line is manufactured by drugmaker Perrigo, which is known for its over-the-counter medications for things like allergy and cold medications.

There’s new evidence that painkillers might be sabotaging your workout

There's a lot of research showing that if your goal is to get stronger, trying to eliminate the pain with drugs may make the workout less effective.