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The superyacht "Serene."

A missing $450 million Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece is said to be sitting in the Saudi crown prince’s superyacht

The crown prince's superyacht, Serene, is narrowly more valuable than the painting, "Salvator Mundi" — he bought it for $565 million.
A digital rendition of Van Gogh's "The Starry Night" on display in Paris.

13 mesmerizing photos from the Vincent van Gogh exhibit that lets you walk through the artist’s most iconic paintings

The exhibition at L'Atelier des Lumières in Paris places visitors inside Van Gogh's world with giant, detailed renderings of his greatest works.
Alessandra Mussolini and Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey got in a Twitter fight with Mussolini’s granddaughter over a painting of her grandfather’s corpse

Benito Mussolini's granddaughter Alessandra Mussolini called Jim Carrey "a b------" after he posted a drawing of the dictator and his mistress.
Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa on display in Paris.

11 times famous art was stolen and recovered

The "Mona Lisa," "The Scream," "Madonna" — here are 11 times that priceless pieces of art have been stolen and recovered.
Castelnuovo Magra La Spezia, Liguria, Italy.

An Italian town pulled off an elaborate ruse to fool thieves into stealing a worthless replica of a $3.4 million painting

Police caught wind of the planned robbery and decided to lay a trap for them.
A watercolor of the old registry office in Munich by former German dictator Adolf Hitler lies next to a catalog of his paintings and drawings at Weidler auction house in Nuremberg November 18, 2014.

No one wanted to buy Hitler’s paintings at an auction held in Germany amid public outrage and accusations of forgery

The watercolor paintings were put up for auction at the Weidler auction house in Nuremberg, Germany on Saturday.
"Starry Night Trip" by Hayati Evren

An artist Photoshops classic art onto modern-day scenes, and the results are hilarious

This graphic designer Photoshops classic art onto modern-day scenes, giving works like the "Mona Lisa" and "The Starry Night" a whole new twist.
Artist John McNaughton's painting title, "Crossing the swamp" (2018).

Conservative artist Jon McNaughton doesn’t care about the haters, he just wants to paint Trump and Jesus

"The art world is at odds with John McNaughton," he said. "Because I break just about every rule that they say you should never do."
The landscape painting by an unknown artist hidden beneath Pablo Picasso's "The Crouching Beggar" painting.

‘Phenomenal’ new X-rays of a Picasso painting reveal images the artist buried in one of his major works

New X-ray fluorescence images of Pablo Picasso's painting "La Miséreuse accroupie" (The Crouching Beggar) show two other pictures hidden on the canvas.