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Trump inherited Obama’s drone war and he’s significantly expanded it in countries where the US is not technically at war

President Trump has significantly increased the number of drone strikes in places the US is not technically at war, according to a new analysis.
Pakistan paramilitary soldiers take cover during Friday's attack. The Balochistan Liberation Army militant group claimed responsibility.

Terrorists opposed to Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road megaproject claim responsibility for killing 4 at Chinese Consulate in Pakistan

Three people threw grenades and had a shootout at China's consulate in Karachi on Friday. The Balochistan Liberation Army claimed responsibility.
The mushroom cloud from Ivy Mike rises above the Pacific Ocean over Enewetak Atoll in the Marshall Islands, during the world's first test of a full scale thermonuclear device, on November 1, 1952.

These are the 9 nuclear-armed countries and the 31 allies they’ve vowed to defend with the world’s most devastating weapons

All of these countries would need to make profound changes to reach the UN goal of a nuclear weapons-free world.
US soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division in Kunar Province, Afghanistan, in March 2011.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have killed at least 500,000 people, according to a new report that breaks down the toll

Brown University's Costs of War report even notes that the number of deaths are low because of the limits documenting death in conflict zones.
National Liberation Army (ELN) soldiers standing in formation in Arauca province, Colombia, in 2002.

These are the world’s 20 most dangerous countries, and photos showing what life is like there

Countries were ranked on prevalence of terrorism, homicide, organized crime and unreliable or corrupt police forces by the World Economic Forum.

11 words you probably didn’t know were acronyms

We use acronyms all the time, and in some cases, we don't even realize we're using them. You may not know, for example, that Taser stands for "Thomas A. Swift's Electric Rifle." Other examples include "radar" and "snafu."
President Ronald Reagan meeting with members of the Afghan mujahideen in the White House Oval Office in 1983.

‘A fighting war with the main enemy’: How the CIA helped land a mortal blow to the Soviets in Afghanistan 32 years ago

After months of bureaucratic wrangling and training, Afghan rebels carried out the first successful use of the Stinger missile against Soviet forces in September 1986, helping turn the tide in the war there after years of stalemate.
n Uighur woman protests in front of policemen at a street on July 7, 2009 in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang Uighur autonomous region, China.

China’s largest Muslim ally broke ranks to criticize its repression of the Muslim Uighur minority

The Muslim world was previously silent over China's treatment of the Uighur population, a majority-Muslim ethnic minority in western China. Pakistan's federal minister broke ranks earlier this week by criticizing China's Uighur crackdown. It is the strongest condemnation of China's actions yet.
Andrzej Bargiel, captured by drone on his death-defying descent of K2

A 30-year-old mountaineer became the first person to successfully ski down K2, the second highest peak in the world — here’s the footage

Polish mountaineer Andrzej Bargiel became the first person to ever successfully ski down K2, the second-highest peak in the world, in July. Here's the video.

Meet Imran Khan, Pakistan’s next prime minister who was his country’s biggest sports star, a notorious playboy, and married his 3rd wife b...

Imran Khan has officially won the country's general elections, with his Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party winning more seats than its opponents. Before becoming a politician, Khan was an Oxford scholar, world-renown cricketer, and a playboy with a reputation for London's party scene.