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IHOP just released a new burger-pancake hybrid, which it calls the Big IHOP Pancake.

We tried IHOP’s new pancake burger — and it failed to live up to the hype

This week, IHOP debuted its new pancake burger, the Big IHOP Pancake. We tried it with high hopes, but it didn't live up to our expectations.
The Big IHOP Pancake Burger.

IHOP has created a burger with a pancake in the middle, and people are freaking out

IHOP is launching a burger with a pancake in the middle. And, the over-the-top burger has sparked passionate responses.
The Big IHOP Pancake Burger.

IHOP debuts a burger with a pancake bun as the chain reignites the IHOb controversy

One year after the controversial IHOb campaign, IHOP is once again putting the focus on burgers — including a burger that contains a pancake.
IHOP pancakes.

IHOP is getting slammed for an anatomically incorrect Mother’s Day post that joked about pancakes in a uterus

IHOP posted a joke tweet about pancakes and Mother's Day this morning. People quickly pointed out that the uterus and stomach are different organs and not connected.
Pancakes and waffles are cooked very differently.

There’s a reason for the pancakes vs. waffles debate. Here’s why the breakfast dishes are actually so different.

From what's really in the batter to how they're cooked, here are the real differences between pancakes and waffles.
Pepper is an online lingerie brand that caters to women with small breasts.

A lingerie company that specifically makes bras for women with small breasts wants to dispel the ‘flat as a pancake’ myth

Speaking to INSIDER, Jaclyn Fu, the cofounder of Pepper, described her bra company as "a community of women who are not limited by their cup size."

IHOP is giving away free pancakes for 12 hours

IHOP's Free Pancake Day 2019 is Tuesday, March 12.

5 chefs share their favorite ways to take pancakes to the next level

Delicious toppings for pancakes go far beyond syrup. Here are 11 things you should consider topping your pancakes with, according to professionals.
Not everyone hears "pancakes" and pictures this.

What pancakes look like in 10 countries around the world

Read more about the sweet and savory pancakes that are commonly eaten by people in 10 countries around the world, like Japan and France.
Nutritionists aren't afraid to indulge at brunch.

7 things you should be ordering for breakfast, according to dietitians

Three nutritionists spoke with INSIDER on their favorite dishes to enjoy for breakfast, ranging from decadent French toast to veggie-packed frittata.