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Sirius XM agrees to pay $3.5 billion in stock for Pandora to create the world’s largest audio-entertainment company

Sirius XM Holdings will acquire Pandora for $3.5 billion in all-stock transaction, creating the world's largest audio-entertainment company, the two sides announced Monday.
Preppy brands and cable TV are out.

Generation Z is already moving away from Facebook, and 6 more industries could be next

We already know Facebook is losing among Generation Z, which prefers Snapchat and Instagram. Marketing and retail experts pinpointed seven other sectors and businesses that are likely to struggle once these teens come of age.

9 reasons you should buy an Amazon Echo instead of an Apple HomePod

Amazon's second-generation Echo device has several advantages over Apple's HomePod.

Apple’s new $350 HomePod speaker sounds great — but there are 7 crucial things it can’t do

Apple's new HomePod combines phenomenal sound with the ease of Apple products — but it has several limitations.
Pandora CEO Roger Lynch laid off 5% of his workforce Wednesday.

Pandora lays off 5% of its staff and shifts its focus away from California because it’s too expensive

The company expects its reorganization to save $45 million annually.

The 20 most popular iPhone apps of 2017

Bitmoji, YouTube, and Instagram top the list.

Teens are turning their backs on Pandora at a staggering rate, and it should worry investors

Internet radio pioneer Pandora took a beating on Friday, as its stock plunged around 25% after a dismal Q4 revenue forecast.

Spotify and other streaming services are finally giving the music industry something to cheer about

After nearly two decades of declining sales, the music industry's revenues are rebounding, thanks to streaming services.

These are the 10 most used smartphone apps

Facebook and Google own 80% of the most used apps in the US.

Pandora has a new CEO: Roger Lynch of Dish’s Sling TV

Pandora Media announced Monday that it has appointed Roger Lynch, the CEO of Dish's Sling TV, as its new CEO and president.