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Panera CEO Blaine Hurst.

Panera CEO on why the chain developed a mission that goes further than simply trying to sell more food

Panera's CEO Blaine Hurst says that the company needs to have a mission that is bigger than simply selling food.
Panera doesn't think bread is the enemy.

Panera is reinventing bread as ‘healthy’ as sandwich chains like Quiznos and Subways struggle to survive

Panera Bread CEO Blaine Hurst says that the chain has long grappled with the question: "Is bread a problem?" Panera's conclusion is "no," rolling out a whole-grain policy and a new streaming television show that highlight how healthy bread can be.
There's a new way to get your grub — and it may be a good thing for fast-food employees.

Robots are already working in fast-food restaurants — here’s exactly what they’re doing right now

McDonald's, KFC, Panera, and other fast food joints already have robot employees. Experts say that this automation won't replace human workers. Instead, they say the bots fill a major labor gap in food service.

Chains including Panera and Red Lobster are getting hit with lawsuits after customers say they became ill after eating contaminated romaine lettuce at...

Panera and Red Lobster are among the chains that have been hit by lawsuits in the wake of an E. coli outbreak linked to romaine lettuce. Multiple customers say they became ill after eating romaine lettuce at the chains, resulting in severe illness and hospitalizations.
Chains are turning to delivery to boost sales

Fast food is in the middle of a delivery revolution, and it’s terrible news for some chains

Chains including Panera, Chipotle, and McDonald's are making a major push towards delivery — a boon for restaurants as it increases how much people spend, brings in new customers, and fosters loyalty.
Panera is now delivering food across the United States.

Panera almost killed its delivery test 4 years ago — now it’s dominating the industry and rolling out across the US

On Tuesday, Panera announced that delivery is now available in 897 cities and 43 states nationwide. While delivery has taken the restaurant industry by storm in recent years, Panera CEO Blaine Hurst said that the service was not originally close to the guaranteed hit it is today.
Panera Bread has been investing more in online ordering.

Panera reportedly ignored a breach that exposed thousands of customers’ information for 8 months

Panera Bread is under fire for reportedly ignoring a website flaw that exposed thousands of customers' personal information.

‘Why would I ever go to work for Bill Ackman?’: Panera’s ex-CEO shuts down rumors that he’s taking over Chipotle as the strugg...

BI PRIME: Rumors have been flying about Panera's former CEO, Ron Shaich, as Chipotle searches for a new top exec.