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Papa John's new ad teases new names.

Papa John’s has a new ad where it teases changing its name to erase its disgraced founder

Papa John's has a new ad campaign that attempts to replace the voice of its disgraced founder with those of franchisees and employees. The first commercial of the campaign ends by flipping through a number of names — Papa Kiersten's, Papa Daniel's, Papa Brant's — before ending on Papa John's.
Antonio Brown is starring in Pizza Hut's first national TV campaign for the NFL.

Pizza Hut is trying to cash in on NFL fans by taking the opposite approach of Papa John’s and Nike

Pizza Hut is kicking off its first season as the official sponsor of the NFL on Tuesday. "If you look at how we're approaching our partnership with the NFL, it's very different from how our previous sponsor approached it," Marianne Radley, Pizza Hut's chief brand officer, told Business Insider.
Kanye West was reportedly considered for a gig as a Papa John's pitchman.

Papa John’s reportedly considered hiring Kanye West as a co-spokesperson with ‘Papa John’ before the chain’s founder sparked b...

Papa John's reportedly considered hiring Kanye West to work with founder John Schnatter earlier this year, according to a letter Schnatter wrote to the company's board. Schnatter says he told the ad agency that West couldn't be a spokesperson "because he uses the 'N' word in his lyrics."
Papa John's CEO and founder John Schnatter

‘Our future will not be defined by the words or actions of one person’: Papa John’s is planning to spend up to $50 million on new ma...

Papa John's sales fell by more than 10.5% in July, the month that Forbes reported the chain's founder had said the N-word on a company conference call. On Tuesday, the company reported it planned to spend up to $50 million over the rest of 2018 on costs related to the scandal.

Papa John’s is reportedly purging its stores of all signs of its founder

Papa John's is removing all images of founder John Schnatter from 5,215 stores after his use of the N-word in a conference call led to him resigning as chairman of the board.
John Schnatter.

Papa John’s is going on a ‘listening tour’ across the country after its disgraced founder said the N-word on a company call

Papa John's is going on a "listening tour" across America, meeting with employees and customers. "It's time for us to listen," the pizza chain said in a tweet on Wednesday. "Past time, really."
John Schnatter is suing the pizza chain he founded.

Papa John’s founder is suing the chain after stepping down as chairman following his use of the N-word in a conference call

Papa John's controversial founder, John Schnatter, is suing the pizza chain he founded. John Schnatter stepped down as chairman last week after he admitted to using the N-word in a company conference call in May, which was first reported by Forbes.
John Schnatter.

Papa John’s creates a poison pill to prevent its founder, John Schnatter, from taking over it

Schnatter resigned as chairman of the Papa John's board this month after he admitted to using a racial slur during a May conference call with a marketing agency. Days later he said he made a mistake resigning from the position.
Papa John's founder John Schnatter is at the center of another controversy.

Papa John’s employees allege the pizza chain’s controversial founder created a toxic culture and made inappropriate advances toward employ...

Papa John's founder John Schnatter is being accused of behaving inappropriately with employees in a new article in Forbes. Current and former employees allege that Schnatter and other executives allowed a toxic work culture to thrive.
John Schnatter.

Papa John’s is distancing itself from its controversial founder, but he still has a stake worth more than $500 million in the company

Papa John's disgraced founder, John Schnatter, still owns a roughly $510 million stake in the pizza chain. Schnatter resigned as chairman last week after news broke that he had used the N-word in a conference call.