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Britney Spears recently vacationed in Miami.

Britney Spears showed off her figure in a video after accusing the paparazzi of altering her body in bikini photos

Britney Spears accused the paparazzi of altering photos taken on her Miami vacation. Spears said they made her look "40 pounds bigger" than she is.
Britney Spears during her recent vacation to Miami.

Britney Spears accuses the paparazzi of altering her body in bikini photos: ‘I look like I’m 40 pounds bigger than I am’

The singer says she's "skinny as a needle" while addressing her theory that the paparazzi altered her body in photos from her recent vacation.
Joe Jonas is just another Sophie Turner fan.

Joe Jonas joined the paparazzi in taking photos of Sophie Turner on the red carpet

The pair were attending the premiere of the new Jonas Brothers documentary "Chasing Happiness" at Regency Bruin Theatre in LA.

The cool reason celebrities are wearing this scarf

For celebrities, a geometric-printed scarf may offer the solution to relentless paparazzi.