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5 dangerous parenting tips people used to believe

Everyone has an opinion about the "right" way to be a parent. Some outdated pieces of parenting advice range from misinformed to dangerous.

Melinda Gates has some great advice on how working parents can reduce stress

Melinda Gates' favorite piece of personal tech is a meditation app called Headspace, and she's got a trick with when to use it.
There is no set rule on whether or not you should let the baby cry.

Letting your baby ‘cry it out’ can actually be good for them, according to an expert

Letting babies "cry it out" or not is a big parenting debate, but as it turns out, there is no one correct answer. A parenting expert weighs in.
Research is inconclusive about the effects of screen time on the growing brain.

A parenting blogger shared a photo of her son using her phone at a restaurant and told people to ‘mind your own motherhood’

Screen time often keeps kids occupied on outings. Parenting blogger Kristina Kuzmic says there's nothing wrong with that.

5 mistakes I made when I had my first kid that I’ll never make again

Parenting is a challenge, and new parents are especially susceptible to common parenting mistakes. Here, author Nicole Rollender details five things she “self-corrected” on after the birth of her first child.
There are healthy lunch options for kids.

10 healthy swaps for your kid’s favorite lunch foods

It can be hard to know how to make an easy but healthy meal for your child's lunch. But with a few simple swaps, you can have a healthier lunch. Here are 10 easy and healthy swaps for your kid's lunchbox.
Mark Cuban has a new book called "Kid Start-Up".

Mark Cuban explains the steps any parent should take when their child has an idea for a business — whether you think it’s good or not

Mark Cuban said it's up to parents to guide their children when they show an entrepreneurial streak. In his upcoming book "Kid Start-Up," Cuban said parents can help their children by coming up with an action plan for their business idea.

A Silicon Valley VC firm just invested $10.5 million in an app that helps companies like Slack and Reddit make working parents’ lives easier

Parenting app Cleo just received a $10.5 million investment from Greylock Partners. The app is helping employees at companies like Slack and Reddit with the transition to parenting.
Author Steven John's children.

8 things my parents let me do that I would never let my kids do

Parenthood is wildly different now than when I was a child. There are many things my parents let me do that I would never let my own kids do today — like spend a month in Europe on their own or shoot fireworks. Here are eight things my parents let me do that I would never let my kids do.
Multiple generations of a family in China.

7 ways being a parent is different around the world

Parenting looks different in every culture around the world. In some cultures, kids don’t start school until the age of 7, have minimal homework, and take long breaks during school. Here are seven unique parenting styles from around the world that would leave Americans shocked.