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Babies should only put to sleep on their backs on a flat surface with a fitted sheet.

6 alternatives to Fisher Price’s recalled Rock ‘n Play that may help your baby sleep

All inclined sleepers, not just Rock 'n Plays, may put babies in danger. These six options are safe, and your baby may actually rest well in them.
Putting a child in a car seat while wearing a coat puts them at risk for getting ejected in the event of a crash.

Why you should never put your child in a car seat with a coat on, even if it’s freezing outside

In the event of a crash, the padding on a jacket can flatten in a car seat, and leave extra space for a child to slip out, and get ejected.
Traveling with babies is always difficult.

12 ways to make traveling with your baby painless, from Serena Williams’ favorite car seat to a lightweight stroller

The thought of packing up everything your baby needs may make you never want to leave the house. These essentials will help.
When the Riveras learned that they could only have children through IVF, they didn't know how they were going to afford the expensive treatments.

A couple got free IVF through a ‘Win a Baby’ radio contest after facing cancer and infertility — and then had a baby

When Anthony Rivera was diagnosed with cancer, he and his wife learned that IVF was the only way they could have kids, but they couldn't afford it.
It's common for vegans and vegetarians to experience cravings for meat during pregnancy and after childbirth.

A vegan mom said she was ‘in tears wanting to eat a steak or hamburger’ while pregnant, and her craving isn’t unusual

A meat craving could be the body's way of signaling that it's missing key nutrients, like iron and B-12.
A report released this month by a nutrition advocacy group found at least one heavy metal present in 95% of baby foods tested.

I have a PhD in immunology and this is how I keep my daughter from getting sick during the winter

Of course, vaccines and proper hand washing are important. But so are Vitamin D, turmeric, elderberry and other infection-fighters.
Author Amy Klein has four miscarriages, and visited 10 specialists. Four years later, she gave birth to her daughter.

I had 4 miscarriages, saw 10 specialists, and nearly gave up on being a mother

After my first pregnancy loss, I was still optimistic. But after the second, third, and fourth, I nearly gave up hope on ever becoming a mother.
A new report urges parents to not use any inclined sleepers for their babies.

It’s not just Rock n’ Plays — any inclined sleep product could put a baby’s life at risk

Between 2005 and 2019, there were over 1,000 incidents linked to inclined sleepers, including 73 infant deaths.
A new law in Italy will require parents to install alarms in car seats to remind them that a child is in the car. It aims to prevent parents from accidentally leaving a child in a vehicle.

Italy now requires car seat alarms to prevent hot-car deaths in children, and the US may follow suit

The alarms aim to keep parents from accidentally leaving a child in a vehicle, an oversight that can cause a child to die from heatstroke.
A pit bull attacked and killed a 4 year-old boy on Oct. 29.

A pit bull attacked and killed a 4-year-old boy, reigniting debate over whether the breed is inherently violent

A pit bull a family was dog sitting, killed their young son. Some say pit bulls should be banned, while others say this breed is unfairly stigmatized.