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Danielle Cobo and her military husband took their family Christmas card photo together from overseas.

A woman Photoshopped her family’s Christmas card to include her military husband who’s serving overseas

Danielle Cobo's husband is serving overseas in the military, but they still wanted to take a family picture together for this year's Christmas card.
Katie Oelker with her family in December 2018.

My family stopped giving gifts to save money, but we liked it so much that 5 years later we still haven’t started again

Despite the cost, we believe that the memories we make far outweigh the expense and are more important than any physical possession we could give.
Babies should only put to sleep on their backs on a flat surface with a fitted sheet.

6 alternatives to Fisher Price’s recalled Rock ‘n Play that may help your baby sleep

All inclined sleepers, not just Rock 'n Plays, may put babies in danger. These six options are safe, and your baby may actually rest well in them.
Marijuana use in pregnancy is on the rise, according to research.

Pregnant women who use marijuana daily may have delayed fetal growth

The findings build on existing research that suggests using marijuana during pregnancy could be dangerous.

This sled is a great option for toddlers — it’s a safe and secure pull sled that my 2-year-old daughter loves

This toddler sled from Flexible Flyer is the perfect pull sled for little kids. Here's why I recommend it as a safe, secure starter sled.

21 versatile travel toys to keep toddlers entertained as long as possible on flights and road trips

Toddler travel toys are a necessity. Whether you're flying with a toddler or driving, we recommend you bring along some of these toddler toys.
A rendering of WeGrow's space.

WeWork’s utopian school had a rock-climbing wall, meditation, and language immersion. Now parents are fighting to save it.

WeWork plans to close WeGrow, founded by Rebekah Paltrow Neumann, in June. But a group of parents is fighting to keep the progressive school alive.

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan’s divorce offers lessons for anyone going through divorce with children

Dr. Terri Orbuch tells us 6 lessons any parent going through a divorce needs to learn to help make the process as easy as possible for their children.
Veronika Didusenko was stripped of her Miss Ukraine 2018 title when the organization found out she was a mother.

A Miss World contestant who had her crown taken away after officials discovered she’s a mom is taking legal action

Veronika Didusenko is challenging Miss World to change its policy that prohibits mothers from competing in the pageant.
Vaping, activated charcoal drinks, chicken-pox parties, and meat-only diets are all bad ideas that were perpetuated this year.

The 9 most dangerous health myths debunked in 2019, from drinking bleach to vaping

Activated charcoal, vaginal steaming, and chicken pox parties were among most risky health myths of the year.