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Stop acting as your child's teacher — become their resilience coach instead, says Dr. Becky Kennedy.

Parents have a massive opportunity to teach resilience right now — here’s the script a child psychologist recommends for getting the messa...

Learning to stay calm in the face of frustration will be much more impactful in kids' lives than completing specific math problems.
It's important to embrace diversity, not ignore it.

6 things you should know when you’ve adopted a child of a different race or culture, according to an expert

There are unique things that parents should keep in mind when their adopted child comes from a different racial or ethnic background than their own.
Mia Farrow has 14 children.

15 celebrities with five or more kids

Though the national average number of kids per household is decreasing, these 15 celebrities are going against the grain.
Ben and Jerry Stiller.

Children of celebrities who followed in their parents’ footsteps

Beloved comedy actor Ben Stiller learned from the best: his parents, Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara.
Pink and son Jameson Moon Hart.

Pink said that battling coronavirus while caring for her 3-year-old son was ‘the most physically and emotionally challenging experience’ s...

"It was a terrifying time, not knowing what might come next," Pink wrote in an essay for NBC News in honor of Mother's Day.
Parachute's line of baby sheets and towels is cuter than we could have imagined. As a gift, we love this all-over hooded towel for a quick yet cozy dry time.

22 unique gifts for new parents that they’ll actually enjoy

Diapers are a great start, but besides the necessities, we've got plenty of clever, useful gifts ideas for new parents that they'll cherish forever.
Snowe's bathrobe is plush and comfy, making it the perfect robe for new moms to settle into for relaxation.

33 unique Mother’s Day gifts new moms will undoubtedly appreciate

A new mom's first Mother's Day is a time for celebration, but it's also an opportunity to help her relax, indulge, and make her job a little easier.
People weren't sure about this dad's prank.

A dad on TikTok filmed a video smashing his children’s PlayStation controllers, TV, and iPad, but stressed later that it was ‘not realR...

Brian Wells, who has 50,000 followers, said the electronics were all broken already, and destroying them was just a fun way to throw them away.
Costco can be a great place for those who want to buy items in bulk.

I’m a mom and these are the 10 foods I always buy in bulk at Costco

Here are the items I never leave the wholesale retailer without purchasing whenever I'm looking to save me and my family time and money.
Chrissy Teigen has been very open about breastfeeding on social media.

12 celebrity moms who got real about breastfeeding

Over the years many stars have shared the joys, stresses, and common misconceptions that come with breastfeeding their children.