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22 thoughtful gifts for new parents that they’ll actually want to use

Diapers are a great start, but besides the necessities, we've got plenty of clever ideas for gifts to give new parents that they'll cherish forever.
Joe Whale, a 10-year-old artist who was commissioned to doodle on a restaurant wall.

A 10-year-old boy who used to get in trouble for doodling in school got a job drawing on the wall of a restaurant

Joe Whale needs only a blank canvas and a trusty black marker to bring his imagination to life.
Julia and Emma Roberts are related by blood.

54 celebrities you probably didn’t realize were related

From "The Devil Wears Prada" costars Emily Blunt and Stanley Tucci to other intertwined Hollywood family trees, see which celebs are linked by blood.
Some parents are very supportive of their LGBTQ children.

8 times parents of LGBTQ children inspired the internet

From getting trans flag tattoos to offering free hugs at Pride, these are the most moving stories about parents supporting their LGBTQ children.
Anne Halsall and Sara Mauskopf are cofounders of Winnie.

2 pregnant cofounders raised $9 million for a startup that tackles a universal problem for millennial parents

Winnie, a search tool for finding daycares and preschools nearby, has raised new funding after a year of explosive growth.

Chick-fil-A has a new sit-down dining option to win over millennial parents

Chick-fil-A executives told Business Insider that they hope to win over parents of young children with the sit-down, dine-in service.

We asked teachers to name one thing parents should never do

While parents are invested in their children receiving the best possible education, they can sometimes be unfairly pushy towards teachers.
Being a kid has changed in the past two decades, and so has being a parent.

10 ways technology has changed parenting in the last 20 years

These days, people with kids have new expectations and responsibilities thanks to changing technology. But they also have some new perks.

6 problematic things parents do that can make their children insecure, withdrawn, drug-dependent, or otherwise worse off as they grow up

When a parent is stressed, depressed, abusive , or over-involved, their kids respond — with mental health impacts for a lifetime.

Telltale signs of toxic, narcissistic in-laws and how you can learn to deal with them

Imagine marrying into a family and realizing your mother and father-in-law are hellbent on destroying your entire life, relationship, and self-esteem.