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Carina Cansino shared this picture of her son, Gus, wearing a clever first day of school shirt.

A mom came up with the most adorable back-to-school tradition for her son, and it’ll inspire you to do the same

Carina Cansino created a clever back-to-school sendoff tradition for her son that will show how he grows over the years.

Teachers reveal the 7 things they wish they could tell parents — but can’t

Business Insider spoke with a dozen teachers on the 7 most common things they wish they could tell parents about their kids.
Julie and Seth Craven, with their newborn son, Cooper.

A stranger drove a National Guard sergeant 8 hours so he could make it home for his son’s birth

Sgt. Seth Craven, 26, had flown in from Afghanistan on August 5 in preparation for his wife’s scheduled birth. His connecting flight was canceled.
Boram Tube Toys Review YouTube Channel.

10 children who are making hundreds of thousands of dollars — and possibly millions — through YouTube

These kids, all 11 or under, are raking in between $400,000 and $60 million a year posting videos on YouTube.

10 ways your parents’ behaviors shaped who you are today

If your mother juggled multiple jobs, you're likely to get stressed. If your parents set high expectations for you, you probably did better in school.

11 athletes who have a famous parents

The kids who look up to their parent's for inspiration are now looking to continue their legacy in sports.
Michael B. Jordan with his parents.

9 celebrities who lived with their parents after getting super famous

From Pete Davidson to Jennifer Lawrence, sometimes celebrities aren't quite ready to leave the nest.

13 things Trump’s trade war could make more expensive for American parents, from strollers to sports gear

Products such as groceries, diapers, and strollers are some of the items that could see price hikes if the US enters a trade war.
Fine dining restaurants are getting creative when it comes to entertaining kids.

Luxury restaurants and high-end apartment buildings are using the same strategy to draw in wealthy parents — and it makes total sense

Millennial parents are strongly influenced by their kids' requests and restaurateurs are seizing the opportunity, reported The Wall Street Journal.
Some of your parenting decisions could be causing more harm than good.

10 ways you’re sabotaging your relationship with your kids

Here are ways you could be hurting your relationship with your children and how you can change your behavior or mindset to foster a healthier bond.