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Turin Castle, County Mayo, Ireland

The number of people trying to get Irish passports surged in 2018 — here is how to get one

Record numbers of Brits are applying for an Irish passport so they can keep hold of their EU citizenship.

23 countries where money can buy you a second passport or ‘elite residency’

Citizenship or residency can be bought in these 23 countries, ranging from $15,253 to $2.57 million.
There's a simple trick that could stop you from losing your passport.

This simple trick can stop you from losing your passport, according to a flight attendant

British Airways flight attendant Ty Opoku Adjei said countless travellers forget their passports in their hotel room safe.

The ultimate guide to traveling around the world, from how to pack your suitcase to how much you’ll be paying for a beer

Planning to travel to another country on a vacation, or otherwise, takes hard work. We compiled the ultimate guide to travel around the world to help you in every step of the process for your trips, from applying for a visa and finding an affordable flight to navigating the local subway.

Americans can get 2 types of passport, but one costs half the price and limits where they can go

If you are applying for a passport, you'll need to consider whether to get a passport book or a passport card. A passport card is cheaper than a passport book, but can't be used for air travel and is only valid in Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, and the Caribbean.
Visa policy varies from country to country.

Every country Americans need a visa to visit — and how hard it is to get one

Visa policies vary from country to country. Some countries require Americans to secure a visa in advance of their arrival, while others allow Americans to get a visa on arrival or don't require visas at all.
Keeping your passport safe is key.

7 tips for keeping your passport safe when you travel

Your passport is possibly your most important document so keeping it safe is important. Here is a list of things you should do to keep your passport and other travel documents safe.

Japan beat out Singapore again in a ranking of the world’s most powerful passports

Japanese passport holders can now access 190 countries visa free – the most in the world.

8 of the countries where it’s hardest to become a citizen

Becoming a citizen in some countries is nearly impossible. In Qatar, you would have to be a resident for 25 years to apply for citizenship, and if you're not a Muslim, you shouldn’t even bother. Here are eight of the countries where it's most difficult to become a citizen.