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The 21 most powerful passports in the world

Citizenship planning firm Henley & Partners just released its 2018 passport index, which reveals how many countries you can travel to without a visa. Here's how the top 21 nations stack up.
Passport strength varies from country to country.

The strongest passports in the world all come from the same region— and it’s an ocean away from the US

Passport holders from the US can travel to many countries, but other factors push America far down the list of strongest passports.
Some of the world's most powerful passports.

This country is now tied with Singapore as having the most powerful passport in the world

The UK comes in tied fourth place, while the US comes in tied fifth.

13 ways other countries are leaving the US in the dust

From the price they pay for education to the strength of their passports, there are plenty of ways people from other countries have it better than Americans.
An image of the new blue passports, published by the Conservative Party.

British passports will be blue and gold after Brexit

Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis said: "Leaving the EU gives us a unique opportunity to restore our national identity."

Here’s how some US citizens can hold multiple passports at once

The US State Department does allow, in rare cases, for citizens to hold more than one passport,
Singapore's passport provides access to more countries than any other.

These are the most valuable passports in the world

Arton Capital declared these to be the most valuable passports in the world.