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House Speaker Paul Ryan

Congress quietly passed the largest rollback of Wall Street regulations since the financial crisis

The House voted on the biggest rollback of Wall Street regulations since the financial crisis. While the bill would change many regulations for regional and community banks, analysts say it is not a total dismantling of the Dodd-Frank Act.
Paul Ryan.

Paul Ryan is losing control of an increasingly chaotic House GOP

When House Speaker Paul Ryan informed the GOP conference in April that he would not seek reelection this year, he hammered in the point to his colleagues that he would "run through the tape." The growing problem for Ryan is that the tape might be much closer than he thought.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Donald Trump

The US, Canada, and Mexico appear doomed to miss a key deadline for their massive trade deal

House Speaker Paul Ryan set a May 17 deadline for the Trump administration to send a NAFTA deal to Congress. Given the large number of major issues outstanding and pessimism from Trump officials, it looks like that deadline is going to be missed.
Director of National Economic Council Larry Kudlow

Trump’s top economic adviser doubts the US can seal a new major trade deal with Mexico and Canada

President Trump's economic adviser Larry Kudlow told Politico that he was unsure a new NAFTA could be reached before a congressional deadline. If not deal is sent to Congress by Thursday, NAFTA would not receive a vote in 2018.
Donald Trump with Enrique Peña Nieto.

Paul Ryan just set a deadline for the US to reach a monumental new trade deal with Mexico and Canada

House Speaker Paul Ryan said that a new NAFTA agreement needs to get done by May 17 in order for the current Congress to vote on the deal. But, there are still significant outstanding issues for US, Canada, and Mexico's negotiators to resolve including car manufacturing.

Trump is punting on one of his biggest goals for the year

President Donald Trump's massive $1.5 trillion infrastructure investment plan isn't getting done in 2018 according to White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. The admission confirms what many analysts assumed for months.

Republicans are working with Democrats to force a controversial vote — potentially infuriating Trump

A small group of moderate Republicans alongside Democrats are banding together to force a vote on an immigration bill in the House, much to the dismay of GOP leaders and the White House.

The manufacturing industry suddenly has unfettered access to the White House under Trump, and it’s making a killing

The National Association of Manufacturers has received unfettered access to the White House and congressional leaders since Republicans gained control. And the association is paying back vulnerable Republicans who made a gutsy call to back last year's tax bill.

Paul Ryan allows House Chaplain to ‘remain in his position’ after receiving scathing letter that rescinded his resignation

The Catholic priest who has served as chaplain of the House of Representatives since 2011, rescinded his resgination on Thursday after a week of confusion and feuding with House Speaker Paul Ryan, who requested Rev. Patrick Conroy step down.

Paul Ryan and Congress are embroiled in a bizarre controversy over the dismissal of House chaplain

Speaker Paul Ryan is coming under fire from lawmakers after abruptly dismissing the House's chaplain, a Jesuit priest who had served in the role since 2011.