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Republicans will hold a vote on abolishing ICE — forcing Democrats to show their hand

Republicans are planning to hold a vote on a bill that would abolish the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency in a political attempt to force Democrats to take a side on a hot-button issue that is growing among the liberal base.

Rebuking Trump can be risky — so Republicans take to congressional hearings to berate administration officials on trade

In an era when swearing fealty to President Donald Trump is a nonnegotiable requirement in the GOP, Republican members of Congress are utilizing routine committee hearings to take out their frustrations with the administration's trade policies.

Republican immigration bill goes down in disastrous defeat for Trump and GOP leadership

The moderate proposal to reform the US immigration system failed in the House of Representatives on Wednesday, dealing a massive blow to Republican leaders and President Donald Trump.

Seth Rogen says he shut down Paul Ryan’s request for a selfie

Actor Seth Rogen said on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" he was at an event representing his Alzheimer's-focused charity hosted by former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney when House Speaker Paul Ryan approached him and asked for a picture.

Republicans know their immigration bills are going nowhere, and they’re gearing up to pin the blame on Democrats

Despite holding a solid majority in the House, Republicans are already gearing up to place blame on Democrats for what will likely be the failures of multiple immigration bills making their way to the House floor on Thursday.

Trump signals he’s willing to back compromise immigration bill in closed-door meeting with Republicans

President Donald Trump met with Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill Tuesday to try and cobble together enough support for an immigration bill amid controversy over the administration's "zero-tolerance" policy that's leading to families being separated after illegally crossing the US-Mexico border.

Trump wrecks weeks of Republican work and says he won’t sign immigration compromise bill

President Donald Trump ended Republicans' hopes of putting an immigration bill on his desk, dismissing the House GOP compromise bill as too moderate and something he would "certainly" not sign into law.

Republican leaders in the House are on the verge of avoiding another major embarrassment

As he prepares to exit his political career at the end of the year, Speaker Paul Ryan is struggling to control various factions in the GOP conference as a heated immigration fight consumes the agenda. But a glimmer of hope to reach a deal came through on Thursday afternoon.
Paul Ryan.

‘No one is above the law’: Paul Ryan says Trump shouldn’t pardon himself

House Speaker Paul Ryan said in his weekly news conference on Wednesday that President Donald Trump "shouldn't" pardon himself.
House Speaker Paul Ryan

Congress quietly passed the largest rollback of Wall Street regulations since the financial crisis

The House voted on the biggest rollback of Wall Street regulations since the financial crisis. While the bill would change many regulations for regional and community banks, analysts say it is not a total dismantling of the Dodd-Frank Act.