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Women in Singapore earn 87 cents for every S$1 earned by men, Glassdoor’s gender pay study reveals

The study of eight nations found that Singapore’s adjusted gender pay gap is on par with the US and UK.
Disney CEO Bob Iger.

132 top CEOs now have a median salary of $1 million a month — here are the CEOs whose pay has been most wildly out of sync with company performa...

Check out which 25 CEOs have earned a salary that's higher than expected given shareholder return, according to a report from As You Sow.
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Your salary may peak sooner than you think if you’re a woman in the US

Women's wages tend to peak at age 41, according to PayScale. But men's wages typically don't stop growing until a decade later.
Actor Leonardo DiCaprio, in his role as Jordan Belfort in the 2013 film, "The Wolf of Wall Street."

US regulators are reviving efforts to place limits on Wall Street pay

Dodd-Frank mandates that executive compensation rules must be put into place.

Women in Singapore earned 87.5% of what men earned in 2018 – the largest gender wage gap in 10 years

The top three industries with the widest wage gaps were health and social services, financial and insurance services, and information and communications.

Here’s how much the typical worker earns in America’s 10 biggest cities

Wages are off to a strong start this year, according to Glassdoor's latest Local Pay Report. The national median base pay is up 2.3% to $52,964.
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos makes more in one minute than the median US worker makes in one year.

We did the math to calculate how much money Jeff Bezos makes in a year, month, week, day, hour, minute, and second

Billionaire couple Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos announced they are getting divorced. The Amazon CEO makes nearly $150,000 a minute.
Talking salary can be uncomfortable, but it's important.

Here’s how to ask your coworkers how much they’re making, according to experts

It's good to know what your peers make. It's not good if they end up hating you. Here's how to ask your coworkers how much they're making.
BlackRock CEO Larry Fink.

Money managers may see higher bonuses this year, but are bracing for job cuts in 2019

BI PRIME: Asset management compensation should tick up 5% next year, but strong market performance may not be enough to offset industry pressure on firms.
It's a tantalizing piece of information.

A Harvard researcher asked 2,000 people to guess coworkers’ salaries, with eyebrow-raising results

A study on pay transparency found that employees who learned their boss made more than they thought were subsequently motivated to work harder.