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A Worldpay booth

Payment processing company Worldpay is getting bought by US firm FIS in $43 billion deal

Worldpay surged more than 10% in premarket trading. Worldpay, once part of RBS, allows secure card payments online, card processing machines or by phone.

PayPal slammed after eBay snubs it for another payment partner

Shares of PayPal fell on Wednesday after eBay, the former parent company of PayPal, announced that it had inked a deal with a new primary payment processor.

UK card payments have overtaken cash for the first time ever

New research by the British Retail Consortium shows card payments overtook cash payments in 2016, and that the use of credit cards is falling.

The former CEO of payment company CHAPS has joined the board of startup bank ClearBank

Phil Kenworthy was CEO of CHAPS from 2012 to 2015. He has just taken up a non-executive director position at ClearkBank.

Wall Street’s favorite technology set out to disrupt how we transfer money, but may end up changing everything else instead

Bitcoins were created to solve big problems with global payments, but may end up solving different problems instead

The firm that handled fantasy-sports payments just dumped DraftKings and FanDuel

DraftKings and FanDuel may be in big trouble as the company responsible for managing players' money has decided to get out of the daily-sports-betting market.