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Tavis Smiley on "Good Morning America."

Tavis Smiley disputes sexual misconduct allegations and suspension: ‘PBS made a huge mistake’

Tavis Smiley continues to defend himself following the suspension of his PBS talk show over allegations of sexual misconduct.

NASA’s famous Voyager probes nearly failed during launch — here’s what went terribly wrong

One NASA Voyager probe refused to communicate with Earth while the other launched aboard a leaky rocket.

CBS News, PBS, and Bloomberg suspend Charlie Rose amid sexual harassment allegations

The suspensions follow a bombshell report in which eight women accused the longtime journalist of initiating unwanted sexual advances.

Get ready for Thanksgiving with the 10 best cooking channels on YouTube

As the biggest food holiday of the year approaches, it's the perfect time to dig in on some cooking lessons on YouTube.
Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. host of "Finding Your Roots."

The host of PBS’ ‘Finding Your Roots’ explains how he traces family trees for celebrities

According to Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. it can take anywhere from a couple of months to a year to trace one family tree on "Finding Your Roots."
Sanders finds out Larry David is his cousin.

Watch Larry David and Bernie Sanders react to the news that they’re actually cousins

On the season four premiere of the PBS show "Finding Your Roots," David and Sanders discovered that they actually are.

Retired army general Stanley McChrystal: Save PBS from Trump’s budget cuts, it makes us ‘safer’

McChrystal argues that choosing between public broadcasting and funding for the military is a "false choice."

‘This is the most serious threat we’ve seen’: Public radio prepares to fight Trump’s funding cuts

Local radio stations are gearing up for a fight to beat back President Donald Trump's proposal to cut funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Federal organization that includes NPR and PBS urges Congress to fight Trump’s proposal to eliminate funding

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting urged Congress and Trump to reconsider eliminating all federal funding to the CPB, which supports NPR and PBS.

Veteran journalist Gwen Ifill has died at 61

Ifill was the longtime host of "NewsHour" and "Washington Week in Review" on PBS.