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The makers of ‘Warcraft’ and ‘Diablo’ are planning to make ‘Diablo 3’ work across competing consoles: ‘It...

First, "Fortnite" enabled players across competing consoles — Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch — to play together. Next up: "Diablo 3." Blizzard Entertainment says, "it's a question of when, not if."

This gorgeous new racing game isn’t just amazing — it’s the best reason this year to get an Xbox instead of a PlayStation

"Forza Horizon 4" is the best version of the best racing game series. And it's only on the Microsoft Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.

Microsoft is investigating as Windows 10 users report deleted files and lower battery life after installing the latest update

The Windows 10 October 2018 Update, appears to be deleting files and causing excessive processor usage, which cuts down on battery life. Some users reported losing hundreds of gigabytes of files after updating.

Why there won’t be a ‘Minecraft 2,’ according to the people in charge of ‘Minecraft’

"Minecraft" is the second best-selling game of all time, and one of the most impactful games ever made — and it's almost certainly never getting a traditional sequel.

‘Minecraft’ is still one of the biggest games in the world, with over 91 million people playing monthly

More people play Minecraft every month than live in countries like France or the UK.

For the first time since the original, a new ‘Minecraft’ game is in the works — and it’s arriving in 2019

"Minecraft: Dungeons" is a brand new "Minecraft" game from the team that created the original game, Mojang. It's scheduled to arrive on PC in 2019.
Wondering what it might look like using a mouse and keyboard with a home game console? Here's just one example.

The Xbox One is getting a huge new feature that gamers have wanted forever

For years, people have asked for keyboard and mouse support on home video game consoles. In 2018, Microsoft is finally giving in and adding support for the PC peripherals.

Intel’s chip problems will allow AMD to steal market share, Jefferies says

The shortage in Intel's chip supply is likely to boost AMD's market share in the high-end commercial desktop and server market, Jefferies says.

Here are the 16 biggest video games launching this fall, from an all-new ‘Fallout’ to the hotly-anticipated ‘Red Dead Redemption 2&#...

Hollywood has summer blockbuster season, and the world of video games dominates the fall — it's about to be video game blockbuster season! Get ready!

Nvidia gets a $350 price target — the most bullish on Wall Street

Nvidia jumped Friday after Needham says the company has dominance in Artificial Intelligence the 'Wintel' platform during the era of PC computing.