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Uber driver in Pennsylvania charged with kidnapping after allegedly telling two female riders ‘you’re not going anywhere’

Police have arrested an assistant professor at Penn State University in connection with the incident.

2 fraternities at Swarthmore College have disbanded over documents referencing a ‘rape attic’

Swarthmore College suspended fraternity activity on Monday after facing protests among students over the leaked documents.

A disturbing 116-page document leaked from a Swarthmore fraternity was filled with racist, homophobic, and sexist jokes — and even referred to a...

Protestors staged a sit-in at the fraternity house on Monday, putting up signs that said "CLOSE THE RAPE ATTIC" and "STILL A RAPE HAVEN."
Cary Michael Cocuzzi

A woman found out her ex-boyfriend had secretly been living in her attic for weeks and creeping around her house

Cary Cocuzzi was arrested in Pittsburgh on Saturday and charged with burglary and unlawful restraint.
Jill Greninger was killed in a meat grinder accident at a food processing company in Pennsylvania.

A woman died after falling into an industrial meat grinder at a factory in Pennsylvania

The 35-year-old's body was found after another employee heard strange noises coming from the grinder.
Police officers can be seen struggling with an inmate before one officer pulls out his gun and shoots the inmate.

‘This was an honest mistake’: A Pennsylvania police officer who shot a suspect with his gun instead of a Taser won’t face charges

The Buck County District Attorney said in a statement that the shooting "was neither justified, nor criminal, but was excused."

A thief in Pennsylvania stole more than $20,000 worth of Victoria’s Secret panties

A thief stole almost 2,000 pairs of panties — around $21,000 worth of merchandise — from a Victoria's Secret in a local mall in Pennsylvania.
David and Connie Reiter

A church administrator and his wife allegedly stole $1.2 million from their congregation to pay for trips to Disney World and Pittsburgh Pirates games...

Police allege that David Reiter and his wife, Connie, stole $1.2 million from Westminster Presbyterian Church in Upper St. Clair, Pennsylvania.

A Walmart greeter with cerebral palsy might lose his job of 10 years because of a policy change that would require him to stand and carry 25 pounds

Adam Catlin, 30, has been a greeter at a Walmart in Middleburg, Pennsylvania, since graduating high school.
The basement of this quaint suburban Pennsylvania home is a BDSM sex playroom.

This $750,000 suburban home is so controversial, real estate sites have censored the listing. Take a look inside the ’50 Shades of Maple Glen...

The basement at 1612 Norristown Road in Pennsylvania sports a caged bed, whips, and chains, among other things. Take a look inside.