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Not all compliments make people feel good.

10 backhanded compliments that aren’t compliments at all

Not all compliments are appropriate. Here are 10 backhanded compliments that are actually offensive.
Gwen Stefani looks the same.

The ’10-Year Challenge’ has taken over social media, but these 30 celebs don’t seem to have aged at all

We're not sure how they do it, but these celebrities seem immune to the passage of time and the formation of wrinkles.
Who doesn't like getting compliments?

Compliments activate the same part of your brain as getting cash. A psychotherapist explains how they work.

A sincere, thoughtful compliment can leave an impact even years later. What is it about compliments that makes them so powerful?
Expand your vocabulary.

21 synonyms that will make you sound smarter

Don't be pusillanimous — use one of these words the next time you want to sound smart.
A surgeon has been fined $3,000 for removing a woman's kidney.

A surgeon has been fined $3,000 for removing a woman’s kidney because he believed it was a tumor

Ramon Vazquez removed a woman's healthy kidney without her consent because he believed it was a cancerous tumor. He has been fined.
Mark Chalifoux sent 40 pounds of cookies to a complete stranger after accidentally getting added to a group chat.

17 photos of good deeds that will warm your heart during the cold winter months

The world isn't always a friendly place, but there are some good people out there who spread kindness just because.
The Oasis of the Seas.

More than 270 people are sick with norovirus on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship

Over 270 passengers and crew members became sick with norovirus on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship this week. As a result, the cruise will end early.
The dog is expected to recover.

A police officer was fired after shooting a chihuahua

Wallace didn't violate any laws in shooting the animal, but he has been "relieved of his duties," Sheriff Tim Ryals said in a statement.
Police believe the 11-year-old boy had a reaction to the smell of the fish.

An 11-year-old boy may have died because of an allergic reaction to the smell of cooked fish, according to police

An 11-year-old boy died Tuesday after entering a home where fish was being cooked. Police believe an allergic reaction have been the cause of death.

20 stunning photos that were taken at the perfect time

Fractions of a second can make the difference between an iconic photo and a blurry outtake. Here are 20 photos that were taken at exactly the right moment.