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Bottled (or canned) water is on the rise.

Bottled water is stuck in a $16 billion ‘sea of sameness,’ and it is creating a huge opportunity for Pepsi

PepsiCo is doubling down on bottled water as soda sales slump. The company has launched LIFEWTR and bubly in an attempt to win over health-conscious millennial shoppers. Pepsi is trying to win over shoppers by making bottled water a "badge" that customers are proud to carry throughout the day.
Bottled water's rise continues.

People are drinking less Pepsi and Coke than ever — and it reveals the power of the ‘biggest marketing trick of the century’

Bottled water continues to thrive as soda declines. Coca-Cola and Pepsi soda brands declined 2% and 4.5%, respectively, by volume in 2017, according to Beverage Digest's annual report.

Pepsi is using soda as secret weapon in a surprising strategy to beat Coca-Cola

PepsiCo forgot about its soda-drenched roots as it expanded into health food in recent years — and the company suffered the consequences. Now, PepsiCo is investing in ads for its trademark soda brand.

How 17 famous companies got their quirky names

Companies like Amazon, Pepsi, Ikea, and Skype have fascinating origin stories. Take a look at how they got their famous, quirky names.

We tested Pepsi’s new drink designed to win over millennials against the cult-classic beverage it emulates — and the winner was clear

PepsiCo is gearing up for war with LaCroix in an effort to take over the $1.2 billion sparkling-water industry. Here's how the two compare.

Pepsi is investing in a $1 billion part of its business to avoid the retail apocalypse that wrecked Sears and Macy’s

PepsiCo is investing in e-commerce to avoid the downward spiral that is dooming retailers like Sears and Macy's.
bubly can will have cutesy messages, such as "oh hi" on the tabs

Pepsi is copying a cult-favorite soda brand with a new drink — and it could be a $100 million win

Pepsi has a new drink that seems to be taking cues from the sparkling water brand LaCroix, which has quickly grown a cult following.
Fans are going crazy for Pepsi Co's Doritos/Mountain Dew commercial.

All the ads that ran during the Super Bowl, in order

Super Bowl commercials included ads from Doritos, Bud Light, and Wendy's.
Women don't like to lick their fingers as generously as men when eating chips, PepsiCo's CEO says.

CEO of Doritos parent company says it’s solving one of women’s least favorite things about eating the chips

The new Frito-Lay snacks will be designed and packaged differently for women, PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi said.