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First Off: The strange and unexpected consequences of my first big win

For Insider's new essay series, John Paul Brammer writes about taking the number one spot for the first time.
From left to right: blouse, Fox & Fawn ($32); jeans, Buffalo Exchange ($16); shoes, Fox & Fawn ($28); t-shirt, Beacon’s Closet ($14); Calvin Klein skirt, Beacon’s Closet ($16); Maje shoes, Beacon’s closet ($40); collared blouse, clothing swap ($0); bolo tie, Fox & Fawn ($13); pleated shorts, found at parents’ house ($0); Clarks sandals, Poshmark ($30).

Want to save the planet? Start with your closet.

The buck shops here.

Women are told to balance their ambition with motherhood. It’s a losing battle.

Devoting all that energy to walking the tightrope doesn't leave room for anything else.
"Twilight" helped to launch Robert Pattinson's career.

People love to write off teenage girls. Here’s why they’re dead wrong.

The teenage girl is a cultural and economic tastemaker. Mock her at your own risk.
My hair before extensions (left) and after (right)

My hair extensions were a big part of my identity. But after learning how exploitative they are, I’m giving them up forever.

I used to think of my extensions as a gift from one woman to another. The truth is often much worse.

After my dad died, grief could have destroyed the holidays. So my mom and I built a new tradition instead.

Ours was always a stay-at-home-for-Christmas family, but we decided to give ourselves the freedom to escape.

I’ve been picking the skin on my fingers until it bleeds for as long as I can remember. This is how I finally stopped.

Kicking my dermatillomania required a much different approach to problem solving than I was familiar with.