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I thought I’d escaped the California wildfires unscathed, but a few months later I realized that wasn’t the case — I’d made a ...

I didn't discover a layer of ash in my home until after my homeowner's insurance policy's 90-day window had closed, and I lost out on a lot of money.

The Hilton Aspire Amex is one of the most rewarding hotel-branded credit cards. Here are 6 benefits to activate once you get it.

If you just signed up for the Hilton Aspire card, make sure you do these things to activate all your benefits, like Hilton status and annual credits.
Drivers in Alaska already see affordable premiums, but you can save even more on your car insurance policy by shopping around.

Who has the best cheap car insurance in Alaska?

For Alaskan drivers with good or better credit, USAA and State Farm offer the best rates, while USAA and GEICO are best for drivers with poor credit.

If you only want to pay $450+ for one premium credit card, which should you choose?

Premium credit cards offer great benefits to justify high annual fees, but not everyone wants to pay for more than one. So which should you choose?
A financial adviser helps clients develop good money habits.

8 smart things people with financial advisers do with their money that give them a leg up

People who work with a financial adviser are more likely to report happiness, confidence, and stability in their financial and personal lives.

Does it make sense to get the Apple Card if you already have a rewards credit card like the Chase Sapphire Reserve?

The Apple Card has standout features and compares well to other cash-back credit cards, but do you need it if you already have a good rewards card?

People often ask me what the single best credit card is for travel rewards — here’s what I tell them

Most people can find the best travel rewards credit card for their use cases by looking at the Chase Sapphire Preferred, Reserve, or Amex Platinum.

Amex Platinum cardholders get up to $200 in Uber credits every year — here’s how the perk works

The American Express Platinum Card offers up to $200 in Uber credits each year, in the form of monthly credits. Here's how you can get them.
Laura Dunn and her fiance, Johnny.

After racking up $23,000 of debt, I cut my cards to shreds — but I didn’t make real progress paying it off until I put down the scissors

I loved the drama of cutting my cards into pieces, but I found leaving them intact and relying on my own willpower to ultimately be more effective.
Kelly Burch's home on more than two acres in rural New Hampshire cost $170,000.

Here’s exactly what it cost to buy my 3-bedroom, 2-bath house on 2.3 acres in rural New Hampshire

We moved to rural New Hampshire, where we bought a three-bedroom, two-bathroom, 2,700-square-foot foreclosure on 2.3 acres for $170,000.