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The bulk section at my local grocery store.

When I stopped buying plastic to go green, I ended up slicing my grocery bill in half

I started eliminating packaged and processed foods it for the environmental aspect, but I ended up saving big on my grocery bill in the process.
Use Amex points to travel to Rio in Brazil, among countless other options.

5 bucket-list trips you can book with 100,000 Amex points

If you're lucky, you could be eligible for a 100,000-point offer on the Amex Platinum through CardMatch. Here are five ways to use those points.
Long-term disability insurance offers the most comprehensive income-replacement coverage

Here’s exactly why experts recommend buying one type of disability insurance over the others

Long-term disability insurance can replace your income when short-term coverage from your employer ends and your emergency fund runs out.

What it’s like to use Acorns, the app that lets you turn your spare change into an investment portfolio

Open an Acorns account for just $1/month to start building your investment portfolio, then round up your daily purchases to grow your money.
Author Caroline Lupini.

I have almost 30 credit cards — here’s how I keep track of pay dates, benefits, and rewards balances

I have more than 30 credit cards, and these are my favorite tools for keeping track of benefits, remembering payment dates and monitoring my spending.
The author is not pictured.

It took less than 10 minutes to open a high-yield cash account with Wealthfront and earn more on my savings. Here’s exactly what it’s like...

I moved my emergency fund savings over to Wealthfront's Cash Account, and the process couldn't have been any easier.
The Excursionist Perk is a United Airlines benefit that lets you stretch your miles further to get an extra flight.

A hidden United benefit will extend your trip for next to nothing

Called the Excursionist Perk, this United Airlines benefit adds an extra flight for next to nothing when you book an international trip.
Cavan Images/Getty Images

The 5 best credit cards for earning rewards on your grocery spending

You can earn up to 4x Amex points at the grocery store, or up to 6% cash back. These are the best cards for maximizing your supermarket spending.
Pay off debt fast by focusing on the most expensive debt first.

How to pay off debt fast, so you can start saving and investing for the future even sooner

To pay off debt fast, make more than the minimum payment on your highest interest debt. With this method, you save time and money on interest.
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I spent 10 years working in finance and I’m convinced robo-advisers are better than human advisers for 5 reasons

Ditching your human financial adviser is scary. But this MBA says a robo-adviser is more likely to make the right decisions with your money.