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What everyone gets wrong about introverts — including why they are not antisocial or lazy

Some people use the term 'introvert' as an insult, but introverted people are not the insular hermits you might think they are. Introversion is actually all down to how your brain is wired.
They want to get to know you. From left: Jessie Wisdom, Laszlo Bock, and Wayne Crosby are former Googlers and the co-founders of Humu.

Google’s former HR exec has a new startup — and he wants to hire people with 2 research-backed traits

Ex-Google exec Laszlo Bock cofounded a startup called Humu to make work better for everyone. Here are the two personality traits he's looking for in new hires — and how he screens for them.
You're probably guilty of at least one.

15 things you’re doing that make people dislike you immediately

We rounded up a list of traits and behaviors that scientists say can turn people off.
Avoid these behaviors at all costs and you'll be the life of the party.

15 habits of extremely boring people

Real people share the most common qualities of boring individuals — so you can steer clear of conversational duds and avoid becoming one yourself.

A study of 50,000 people is the best evidence yet that personality changes throughout your life

A new analysis of 14 studies comprising 50,000 people may provide the best evidence yet that personality is not fixed through life.
They're not that hard to spot.

Instagram is a narcissist’s dream — here are 7 signs you’ve found one

Recent studies show common behaviors of narcissists on Instagram, from the type of photos they post to how much time they spend editing.
It's not all bad.

5 ways narcissism makes people stronger, smarter, and more successful

Scientists say narcissism in moderation can improve your health, happiness, and overall quality of life.
Here are the hallmark traits.

Everyone’s a little bit narcissistic, but 5 traits can give true narcissists away

Narcissists tend to display traits like a lack of empathy, a need for admiration, and a preoccupation with status.