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An officer salutes during a reenactment of the battle of Canchas Blancas during the 1879 Pacific War, in Potosi, Bolivia March 28, 2018.

Bolivia is taking Chile to court over a war it lost 134 years ago — and it reenacted a pivotal battle on the final day of the case

Bolivia is landlocked because of a war it lost 134 years ago. But it's fighting in court to regain its territory — and its pride.
An AK-47 rifle with ammunition and a drone with an explosive attached, recovered by Mexican federal police, October 20, 2017.

Drones appear to be taking on a bigger, more dangerous role in Mexico’s criminal warfare

Drones have been used for small-scale smuggling for some time, but increasingly they appear to be used for surveillance and to carry explosives.

Mike Pence appears to have fallen short on a major US foreign-policy goal while in Latin America

Pence's trip was dominated by the situation in Venezuela, but governments in the region were no more accommodating to US designs on North Korea.

Trump’s brash talk about a ‘military option’ in Venezuela has left diplomats scrambling to pick up the pieces

Trump's comments appeared to have weakened a growing regional consensus against Venezuela, and now US officials are trying to salvage it.

Venezuela is at risk of losing an entire generation

"The country has broken down because of what we have lost ... That has an impact on the social reality."

Police busted 5.5 metric tons of cocaine — the latest shipment from a growing South American drug hotspot

Authorities in Ecuador have hauled in nearly 10 metric tons of cocaine this month, underscoring the country's growing role as a transit point in the drug trade.

I ate a 17-course tasting menu at one of the world’s best restaurants — here’s what it was like

Eating at one of the world's best restaurants is more like watching a performance than it is eating a meal.

This psychedelic drug seems to affect the brain in ways that are surprisingly similar to meditation

Meditators and ayahuasca users experience decentering, "the ability to objectively observe one's thoughts and feelings without associating them with identity."

Secrets of what ancient mummies look like under their wrappings are finally being revealed

Technology like CT scans shows what the mummies look like inside their wrappings, including how thick their skin is and what their faces look like.

Devastating photos of the El Niño-driven flooding that has killed more than 70 people in Peru

Sudden and intense rains in Peru have caused massive flooding, and now about half the country is under a state of emergency.