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Member of Iraqi security forces holds Kurdish flag in Kirkuk, Iraq.

Trump: The US is ‘not taking sides’ in Iraqi-Kurdish dispute

Iraqi and Kurdish fighters began trading artillery fire on Sunday near Kirkuk.

‘We are not meant to sit at home’ — Meet the female Peshmerga fighters battling ISIS

The Kurdish Peshmerga has been battling the ISIS terror group since it swept through Iraq and Syria in 2014, and one of the most unique aspects has been the use of female fighters.

US-led airstrikes have been pounding ISIS targets in and around Mosul for months

In support of Iraq's advance on the ISIS stronghold in Mosul, the US-led coalition has launched hundreds of airstrikes over the past months.

This elite Kurdish unit is hunting down ISIS militants

"If anyone ... gets attacked, we go there."

‘It’s unprecedented. We have never seen this before’: How ISIS makes and supplies deadly IEDs

"It’s not just a few roadside bombs. There are literally fields of them."

Here’s how Iraqi and Kurdish forces are training to destroy ISIS

Find out what the brave recruits go through when training with the US-led coalition to counter ISIS.