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A couple brought their 1,600-pound steer to Petco to test the ‘all leashed pets are welcome’ policy, and you should really see this big bo...

A couple in Texas decided to test Petco's leash policy and brought a 1,600-pound steer to their local store. It worked and it was truly glorious.
Petco has launched PetCoach, a new store that offers veterinary care, grooming, and other services.

Petco is opening a cashierless pet store that offers free veterinary care for a $9 monthly fee

Petco has opened a new store called PetCoach that's like a cross between Amazon Go, a veterinary hospital, and a grooming salon.Shoppers pay $9 a month to access discounted services like free veterinary visits and usage of the self-wash stations, which typically cost $14 per wash, for just $2.