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If you’ve ever considered refinancing your student loan, now is probably the right time to do it

According to loan-comparison site Credible, interest rates for student loan refinancing have hit a 12-month low, making now a good time to refinance.
Certified financial planners say the debt avalanche and debt snowball are the best strategies to get out of credit card debt.

We asked financial planners for the best strategy to tackle credit card debt, and there are 2 clear favorites

The best way to get out of credit card debt is either the debt snowball or the debt avalanche, according to financial planners.

Refinancing your student loans with CommonBond can get you ultra-low interest rates and 24 months of forbearance if you need it

As of September 2019, CommonBond offers the lowest student loan refinancing rates in the country and doesn't charge any junk fees.
Most Americans need to have health insurance to afford medical care.

How to get health insurance to pay for doctors, dentists, and emergencies

Americans not covered by an employer or Medicare can get health insurance on HealthCare.gov. Open enrollment begins November 1, 2019.
Millennials are drawn to robo-advisers like Wealthfront for ease of use and low costs.

Wealthfront is now managing $20 billion, and it says something big about how differently millennials treat their money

Wealthfront offers IRAs for retirement savings, 529 college savings plans, taxable investment accounts, and cash accounts for earning more on savings.
Supplemental life insurance may cover things like burial costs.

What is supplemental life insurance? It’s coverage you can sometimes get for free at work

If it's offered free by your job, you may have found yourself wondering, "What is supplemental life insurance, and do I need it?" Get answers here.
Angie Chatman's mother in 1992.

When my mother died without a will, I learned a big lesson about money management as an African American

Without a will, one African American family had to settle their mother's estate in probate court, losing more than $80,000 on the value of her home.
Term life insurance is an affordable and straightforward option for coverage.

4 people who bought life insurance in their 20s explain why they still think it was the right choice

Typically, the younger and healthier you are when you buy life insurance, the lower your monthly rate. The peace of mind is great, too.

Wealthsimple isn’t the cheapest robo-adviser you can get, but if you want your money in Halal or social-impact investing it could be for you

Wealthsimple is not right for everyone, but it's perfect for anyone with specific priorities, such as Halal or social-impact investing.
What happens if you stop paying back student loans?

What happens if you stop paying back student loans? Nothing good.

So what happens if you stop paying back student loans? There are serious penalties for those who don't pay.