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You can’t take a ‘ballot selfie’ in Illinois, Florida, or 25 other states — see where it’s illegal to take a photo in th...

State rules vary widely on whether you can take a photo in the voting booth. See which states allow, ban, or specify taking a ballot selfie.

More people are going to be shopping on their phones under the Thanksgiving dinner table this year

Thanksgiving shopping will be a big e-commerce opportunity this year, Adobe data predicts.

Almost a fifth of young people in Britain are so addicted to their smartphones that they spend more than seven hours a day online

About a fifth of young people between 16 and 24 spend more than seven hours online. That works out to two full 24-hour days per week. These sobering stats come from the UK's media regulator.

A German student has invented an airbag for your phone: a case that detects when it’s falling and deploys springs to prevent breaks

The AD (active dampening) phone case, patented by German student Philip Frenzel, can detect when the phone is falling and protracts springs to protect it. So far, it's only a prototype.
Phone use right before bed could be negatively impacting our sleep quality, so I decided to give it up for two weeks.

I stopped using my phone for 2 hours before bed, and it had a more powerful effect than I expected

Phone use right before bed could be negatively impacting our sleep quality. Since I have trouble sleeping, I decided to stop looking at my phone for two hours before bed for a two-week period. As a result, I slept better, spent more quality time with my husband, and felt less anxious about work.
Founding members of Wing Ilan Yarden, David Arabov and Greg Dybec.

2 founders who sold their last startup for more than $20 million have raised $1 million to build a cheaper, less frustrating AT&T

Wing, a telecom service provider that uses Sprint's cellphone towers to offer competitive data plans, has its sights set on beating Verizon and AT&T. Here's how it works.

California has issued a warning about the dangers of cell phone radiation — but the science is far from settled

Most studies haven't found evidence that cell phone use causes cancer. But there are good reasons to limit phone use anyway.
Your cell phone is eroding your focus.

Keeping your phone on your desk seems harmless — but researchers find it distracts you even when it’s off

Your cell phone can make it harder for you to concentrate at work and sabotage your productivity, even it's turned off, finds a new scientific study.

Amazon CEO and world’s richest man Jeff Bezos avoids a common, time-wasting daily habit

Amazon CEO and world's richest man Jeff Bezos does not multitask and avoids checking his phone.

Here’s the best smartphone camera you can buy

We tested the best smartphone cameras on the market: the iPhone 8 Plus, the Samsung Galaxy Note8, and the Google Pixel 2 XL. Here's how they compared.