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"Stay Apart Together" is Spencer Tunick's latest project.

An artist famous for his pictures of naked people in public is now doing nude photo shoots over video chat

Spencer Tunick's new project features thousands of people making the same pose in their respective homes while wearing nothing but a mask.
Wedding photographer Ron Soliman is taking free portraits of frontline workers with their families from a distance.

A photographer is taking free portraits of frontline workers with their families to thank them for everything they’re doing

Wedding photographer Ron Soliman is using his skills to document frontline workers with their families for free in stunning black-and-white pictures.
An example of a quarantine shoot.

I’m a wedding photographer — this is how I’m offering photo shoots over FaceTime

With in-person shoots shuttered, photographer Sarah Wight Sayeed turned to FaceTime, giving her and the couples she photographs a chance to let loose.
White is getting hired to document people's lives under lockdown.

A photographer is getting hired to shoot ‘quarantine portraits’ of people through their windows

Photographer Caroline White has been using her lockdown productively, pivoting her business to sell prints and take pandemic portraits.
A flight attendant ties a face mask.

A flight attendant is taking surreal photographs that show what flights look like in the middle of the pandemic

Through photography, Molly Choma is documenting what it's like for the flight attendants who are still working during the coronavirus pandemic.
Saam Gabbay's friend Richard.

After a photographer canceled his birthday party, he went to his friends’ homes to take their portraits instead: ‘It was like an adult pla...

Saam Gabbay didn't want to spend his birthday alone, so he visited 30 friends across Los Angeles, traveling more than 100 miles in a day.
Yermo, California.

A man who has taken photos of the Mojave Desert for 16 years using the same camera has found everything from pet cemeteries to ghost towns

Zach Bradley has been photographing the Mojave Desert for 16 years, and has been using the same film camera the whole time.
Grace and Sophia, 6 years old.

A photographer captures portraits of identical twins that show the unique bond they share

London-based photographer Peter Zelewski captured portraits of identical twins that reveal their similarities and differences.
"Situations that are at my expense or that show me in humiliating circumstances are my favorite," Michael Schneider told Insider.

An artist’s photos show him doing unexpected things on planes to poke fun at terrible flight passengers

Photos show the artist being applauded for not clapping when the plane lands and posing as though he's about to take a swing at a piñata onboard.
Solna Centrum Station.

A photographer captures the vibrant art of Stockholm’s cave-like metro stations

Photographer David Altrath spent two nights roaming the empty metro stations, which have been dubbed "the world's longest art exhibition."