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Extreme joy or just a really big yawn?

15 hilarious photos of dogs taken at the perfect time

One dog managed to steal a pair of dentures, while another stole a kiss from his owner — these photos are as hilarious as they are heartwarming.

This Kickstarter-funded travel tripod collapses down to the size of a water bottle — it also weighs less than 4 pounds

The Peak Design Travel Tripod solves the problem of space and weight that all other tripods have. Here's our review after using it around New York.
Left: Mulan. Right: Serena Yuan, a model. (Makeup by Hayley Kassel.)

10 magical photos of Disney princesses reimagined as real-life women

The Disney princess-themed photo series shows a modern-day Cinderella wearing combat boots instead of glass slippers, for example.
Live Photos makes it much easier to take a picture of a squirmy child (or any moving, unpredictable object!)

The one little trick I use to make every photo of my toddler infinitely better

I accidentally turned on Live Photos on my iPhone, and it made every picture of my baby much more enjoyable and easier to edit.

22 stunning photos that were taken at the perfect time

Fractions of a second can make the difference between an iconic photo and a blurry outtake. These pictures were timed perfectly.
You can't take photos inside the Taj Mahal.

Places around the world where people are banned or discouraged from taking photos

Museums, places of worship, and other major tourist attractions around the world have discouraged the public from taking photographs.

A Malaysian photographer turned Malaysia’s Bukit Bintang into a dystopian city of the future

Think this is Blade Runner? No, it's Bukit Bintang.
Haley Jones' parents celebrated her decision to move out with a hilarious photo shoot.

A photographer took an ’empty nest’-themed photo shoot of her parents before she moved out, and the photos are hilarious

For Haley Jones' parents, having their last child move out of the house warranted a celebration that was hilarious enough to go viral.
North Brother Island is hidden in one of the busiest cities in the world.

New York City owns a creepy island that almost no one is allowed to visit — here’s what it’s like

North Brother Island has a long history that's checkered with disease, death, and decay. Its future is also in question due to rising sea levels.
This isn't actually a man-horse hybrid.

34 viral pictures that captured hilarious coincidences in real life

Sometimes life really is stranger than fiction. Luckily, these people had cameras on them to prove it.