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25 beautiful and intimate award-winning photos show the reality behind weddings around the world

A wedding day comes with a mix of emotions, from stress to sadness to utter joy.
Former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer

A small family-run firm bought Flickr from Verizon and says it can bring back its glory days

Flickr was not the right fit for Yahoo, says an executive at SmugMug, which acquired the photo sharing site.
Israel's only women's prison, Neve Tirza, has been described as isolating and claustrophobic.

There’s only one women’s prison in Israel — and a photographer documented the inmates in harrowing detail

At Neve Tirza, the only women's prison in Israel, Jews, Muslims, and Christians languish in overcrowded cells and receive little care from guards.

29 photos that show the US-Mexico border’s evolution over 100 years

The goal of establishing a firm boundary to separate the US from Mexico is nothing new.
The iPhone X.

The top 10 best smartphone cameras in the world

These are the top 10 best smartphone cameras in the world, according to Consumer Reports' testing.
They're not that hard to spot.

Your nose can look about 30% bigger in selfies, a new study found — here’s how to fix it

Selfies can make your face — especially your nose — look about 30% larger than it really is because of the way phone camera lenses distort close-up objects.
Ever lifted an 800-pound pot of crabs?

Inside the insane, dangerous lives of Alaskan crab fishermen who work 20-hour days in a ‘constant barrage of storms’

Working as a crab fisherman is back-breaking work. In 2002, photographer Corey Arnold left behind San Francisco to try it out. He's been doing it ever since.
Models pose for photographs with a LG electronics' new V20 premium smartphone during its unveiling ceremony in Seoul

10 smartphone camera features that make you feel like a professional photographer

If you've ever taken a stellar shot on your smartphone and felt like you could be the next Annie Leibovitz, you may have one or more of these features to thank.
Chris Hondros in action.

20 incredible photos from one of the most legendary war photographers of all time, who was killed on assignment during the Arab Spring

After 15 years covering conflicts, photojournalist Chris Hondros was killed in 2011. Close friend Greg Campbell is turning his story into a documentary.