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Trippy photos show how beautiful water can look when it’s blasted with sound

Linden Gledhill, a pharmaceutical biochemist, builds custom gear that can record the beautiful, weird, and sometimes bizarre intersection of science, art, and nature. His latest photographs of cymatics, or standing waves in water, are breathtaking.
President Donald Trump holds a space astronaut toy.

Each year the government asks 10 simple questions to test the public’s knowledge of science. Can you correctly answer them all?

Every two years, The National Science Foundation is required to tell the president how the US is doing in regard to science and engineering. The 2018 report is out, and the news is ok but not great. See how you perform on the NSF's quiz to test public fluency in science.
The Death Star II explodes into smithereens.

Scientists say the Ewoks in ‘Star Wars’ should have suffered a gruesome fate when the Death Star exploded

The Death Star meets its final doom in "Star Wars: Episode VI — Return of the Jedi," the epic conclusion to the original trilogy. But what happens to the Ewoks?

Stephen Hawking’s final research was just published, and it could help us find evidence for parallel universes

Our universe is likely not the only one in the multiverse, according to Stephen Hawking's final paper. But the others that exist would follow the same laws of physics that exist in our universe, it says. This makes the number of possible universes more manageable and testable.

15 Albert Einstein quotes that reveal the mind of a true genius

Albert Einstein wasn't just a brilliant physicist — he was also a master at explaining the human condition.
A thick ring of space junk orbits Earth in this fanciful artist's concept of a "Kessler syndrome" event.

A space junk disaster is a real possibility — here’s how the US government helps prevent a chain of collisions that’d threaten human...

Tiangong-1, China's modular space station, is crashing to Earth. With so much junk in space, the chance of a "Kessler Syndrome" catastrophe may be increasing.

Stephen Hawking submitted a final scientific paper 2 weeks before he died — and it could lead to the discovery of a parallel universe

A paper submitted for publication just two weeks ago could prove the "multiverse" theory that Hawking loved.
Stephen Hawking in April 2016.

15 of the most remarkable and memorable things Stephen Hawking ever said

Stephen Hawking, who unraveled the mysteries of black holes and inspired billions of people, left behind some remarkable insights before he died on March 14.

Stephen Hawking had a ‘sense of humor as vast as the universe’: unique tributes flood in for physics pioneer

Celebrities, public figures, and scientists have offered up unique tributes to Stephen Hawking.