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Pilots and flight attendants were encouraged to make their transfer requests an "immediate priority."

Ryanair warns more than 300 pilots and flight crew members to move to Poland or risk losing their jobs

Ryanair, an Irish, ultra-low cost carrier, has been struggling with staffing issues as Dublin-based pilots and flight crew strike for better benefits and pay. On Wednesday, the company advised employees to move to Poland to avoid being laid off.
While many travelers tune out safety briefings, pilots understand how important they can be.

Pilots reveal the things they notice when they fly as passengers that you probably miss

Airline pilots are trained to be attentive when they're on planes so that they will notice details that slip by most passengers.

A US pilot allegedly kidnapped and tried to deport a student back to China — and it points to a much larger trend

In a case the police described as "very strange," the pilot of a California flight school, along with his assistant, allegedly kidnapped and tried to deport a Chinese student. The two offenders threatened the student and battered him, before taking him to a local airport where they were arrested.

Airline pilot explains 21 code words passengers don’t understand

An airline pilot explains how to speak "airline".
Maj. Tyler Ellison, a Thunderbirds pilot, administers the oath of enlistment to enlist Florida's newest airmen during the Sun 'n Fun International Fly-in and Expo Air Show at Lakeland, Florida, April, 25, 2015.

The Air Force is considering a step it has long avoided to ease its deepening pilot shortage

A new pilot-training program will provide data on "the potential for enlisted members to train to fly modern combat aircraft," an Air Force officer said.
Eugene Burton Ely flies his Curtiss Pusher biplane from the USS Birmingham, in Hampton Roads, Virginia, during the afternoon of November 14, 1910.

107 years ago, the Navy launched a plane from a ship for the first time

Eugene Ely's biplane successfully took off from the USS Birmingham on November 14, 1910, narrowly avoiding a collision with the water.

The Air Force now has the power to recall up to 1,000 retired pilots to address its personnel crisis

An amended executive order expands the Defense Department's ability to call retired pilots back to duty.

The Air Force is facing a ‘quiet crisis’ of manpower, but recruitment isn’t the problem

The Air Force has faced a pilot shortfall for some time, and officials are scrambling to address it before their operational capacity is further affected.
24-year-old Dutch-born female pilot Lindy Mariëlle Kats has over 80,000 Instagram followers.

This 24-year-old Dutch pilot and Instagram star describes the sensation of flying a Boeing 717

“It's simply indescribable how it feels to push the throttle forward on take-off and feel the power of the engines in my own hands."

Airlines could cash in on a $30 billion opportunity that would make pilots obsolete

According to an analyst note published by UBS in August, pilotless flight could save the airline industry as much as $30 billion over two decades.