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FairPrice is encouraging social distancing with a new priority hour reserved for the Pioneer Generation, disabled or pregnant

Not a PG card holder, disabled or pregnant? Here's when you are not allowed into FairPrice.

Got flu symptoms? You can now see a doctor for S$10 at over 800 clinics, which also screen for the coronavirus

The clinics also get priority for pharmaceuticals and vaccine supplies from the national stockpile.

1.7 million people are about to get S$1 billion in GST Vouchers and MediSave top-ups – here’s what’s coming

Recipients who have provided their bank account details will receive their cash payouts earlier than the rest.

Good news for seniors: FairPrice is extending Pioneer Generation discounts for another year and starting Merdeka scheme in July

From July 1, Pioneers will get 3 days of discounts at FairPrice while those from the Merdeka Generation will get 2 days.

NTUC FairPrice will remove Pioneer Generation priority queues next month, discounts may be gone by June

FairPrice said it had disbursed S$16 million worth of discounts under the Pioneer Generation discount scheme since 2014.